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Well, what an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend it has been and a weekend we have only just started recovering from here at Myztro.

After a heartbreaking first day in the Duel Category that saw all our competitors knocked out of the running to play at QuakeCon, all our hopes were placed on qualifying for Team Sacrifice on the Sunday of the Quake World Championship Regional Finals.

Paul Chaloner consoles GaRpY after dropping out of Duel

After a good start vs. Alliance (Spart1e, strenx, syndrom, Busdriverx) in Team Sacrifice, Myztro moved within one game of qualifying for QuakeCon, unfortunately a tough match against NOTOFAST  (notcis, fazz, stermy, tox) delayed the celebrations.

After losing to NOTOFAST and dropping down to the loser bracket, a nail biting bout against Miasma! (dem0n, ddk, Juven1le, Lithz) awaited. The last matchup of the EU Regional finals and our last chance to qualify for the grand finals at QuakeCon. After a very closely fought contest between the two teams, Myztro flipped the switch in the last couple of rounds which secured our road to QuakeCon. Any sceptics that don’t think Quake Champions Sacrifice Mode is a fun to watch need only view this matchup.

The passion and dedication shown by our team has been incredible and can clearly be seen with how the team celebrated after the match.

The skill on show at the event was incredible and the support of all the staff at ESL was greatly appreciated by the competitors. Below is a selection of pictures taken at the event.

Once again a big thank you to everyone supporting us throughout the competition, your support drives us forwards here at Myztro. Also a big shoutout to people behind the scenes making this possible.

Please join me in congratulating the boys and wishing them ggs at QuakeCon, now the hard work begins. If you want to check out the full schedule of the event check out the official schedule here.

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