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The Quake World Championships Schedule has been released! Bethesda at E3 2017 announced that the Quake World Championship qualifiers will start in June and will culminate to the finals during this year’s QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas. Players from around the world, including our very own Myztro Gaming boys, will compete across Sacrifice team play and solo Duel for their share of a $1 Million prize pool.

In addition to qualifying online, some solo Duelers will also be selected during an open qualifier that will be held in the BYOC area of QuakeCon. Tune in to watch the action live during the events on Twitch and Facebook.

Here’s what you need to know about the tournament:

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Online Qualifiers for Duel Competitors

The top 32 Duelers from each region qualify for Regionals, to be played online.

  • Duel Qualifier #1
    • EU: June 29, July 2
    • NA: June 30, July 2
  • Duel Qualifier #2
    • EU: July 6, July 9
    • NA: July 7, July 9
  • Duel Qualifier #3
    • EU: July 13, July 17
    • NA: July 14, July 16
  • Duel Qualifier #4
    • EU: July 20, July 23
    • NA: July 21, July 23

Online Qualifiers for 4v4 Sacrifice

The top 8 Sacrifice teams from each region qualify for Regionals, to be played online.

  • Sacrifice Qualifier #1
    • EU: July 1-2
    • NA: July 15-16
  • Sacrifice Qualifier #2
    • EU: July 8-9
    • NA: July 22-23

Regional Finals, Duel and Sacrifice

The top 12 Duelers and the top 4 Sacrifice teams from each region qualify for the QuakeCon finals.

  • EU Regionals (Leicester, UK): August 5-6
  • NA Regionals (Burbank, CA): August 5-6

QuakeCon Finals (Dallas, Texas)

The top 24 Duelers who qualified online and 8 Duelers who qualified at QuakeCon (BYOC) will make up the top 32 players in the world to compete in the QuakeCon Finals.

The top 8 Sacrifice teams in the world will compete in the QuakeCon Finals.

  • BYOC Duel Qualifying Tournament: August 24
  • Finals: August 24-26

NOTE: All Qualifiers will be played on NA or EU servers. However, other regions can participate in these Qualifiers with higher latency. NA includes the Americas and Australia, and EU Europe, Russia and Asia.

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