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This Final is only the beginning.

Quake makes it’s triumphant return to Lucca, Italy at Lucca Comics and Games. Just a year ago, Lucca hosted the Italian Esports Open 2018, a legendary tournament where 4 Myztro athletes duked it out against the best Quake players in the world for a $7,250 USD Prize Pool. GaRpY ended up in 9th Place, Vengeur, who was signed with Comrade Gaming at the time, was the only Italian to be invited to the event, and made it all the way to the Group A Finals, but lost to Rapha, and finished at 5th Place, just outside of the Dreamhack Winter Qualification and the final bracket on his home soil.

Nothing can beat RAISY’s story though, not even heartbreak. Making quick work of Group B, he made it all the way into the Grand Finals, where he beat Rapha TWICE to be crowned champion of IEO 2018. That game was, in my opinion, the best game of Quake I’ve ever seen. RAISY, now known as The Godslayer, will be looking to defend his crown at the Quake Pro League Stage 1 Finals, as Vengeur and GaRpY will also fight for a spot on the coveted QPL Belt.

RAISY lifting the IEO Trophy in 2018.

The Rundown

The Finals Bracket.


First up in Lucca are the Relegation Matches. These matches will pit the lowest ranked players in each region of the QPL against 2 challengers from both regions. The winner stays in or gets promoted to the QPL for Stage 2, and faces another QPL player from their region in the Round of 16. These matches are Best of 5, meaning players have to give it their all if they want to stay in or get promoted into the QPL. Relegated players will play in the Challenger matches in the next stage.

GaRpY didn’t preform the best in Stage 1, so he will be facing Cypher in the first Challengers matchup. This will be quite a fun matchup to witness; Both GaRpY and Cypher are long time Quake players who have also moved into Apex Legends. Cypher currently plays Apex for Natus Vincere. The winner of this match will face Toxjq in the Round of 16.

These matches start at 8:20 AM GMT on Saturday, November 2nd.

Round of 16 and Round of 12

Myztro has one player in the Round of 16, Vengeur. Vengeur had an impressive Stage 1, going 6-2, remaining undefeated for a majority of the stage. Vengeur will be facing the winner of the cnz/Spart1e Challengers Match. All Round of 16 and Round of 12 matches are Best of 3, Single Elimination Matches, so only the best of the best can make it to the Semifinals. Vengeur will look to make the most of the tournament in his home country, and as the only Italian in the Quake Pro League at the moment, he’s sure to have many fans in attendance.

The Round of 16 starts at 12:20 PM GMT on Saturday, November 2nd, and runs until around 4 PM GMT.
The Round of 12 starts at 7:20 AM GMT on Sunday, November 3rd.

Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals

The Semifinals will feature the 8 best Quake Players of this stage. 4 players have already punched a ticket to the Quarterfinals. The Top 4 Players on the Worldwide Rankings received an automatic bye. Rapha, k1llsen, Cooller, and RAISY have all received Quarterfinal Berths due to their strong performances at Quakecon’s QPL Kickoff and in Stage 1. The 4 players still remaining will face off against the 4 others to find out the Final 4 and Championship matches.

Quarterfinals start at 10 AM GMT on Sunday, November 3rd.

Where to Watch

All QPL Action will be going down on the official Quake Twitch channel:

Myztudio will also be updating fans with scores and results throughout the weekend. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and here on

Good Luck to everyone in Italy, and may the best player win!

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