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During the QuakeCon 2018 keynote speech, id Software and Bethesda announced that our favorite area shooter is making the permanent switch to free-to-play, a smart move after the success of the last free to trial window that saw huge numbers of players and notable Twitch steamers pick up the game.

Above is a new, very cool, trailer for Quake Champions, showing off the latest addition to the game’s champion lineup, Death Knight!

The long-term ambition of Quake Champions was always to make it free to play. During early access, you were able to opt in early for a price with either the Starter Pack or Champions Pack options. The Champions Pack that unlocks all of the playable characters in Quake Champions will continue to be available for purchase should you wish it and you should as it is currently on sale as part of the QuakeCon offers!

This is great news for the Quake Champions community as a permanent free to play option will encourage more people to try out and fall in love with this awesome game and a growing playership would be welcomed.

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