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Bethesda has announced from the exciting E3 stage that for a limited time ahead of its launch, Quake Champions will be free to trial for a short period of time.

An early version of the game which we all love can be downloaded and played for the next week for free by visiting the Quake official website.

As the beta progresses and the game goes from strength to strength, Bethesda has run a number of tests, as well as launching Quake Champions over on Steam in early access. Until this week that cost some of your hard-earned money in order to get access to the game which will be ultimately free to play (unless you want to buy the champions pack).

Until June 18th you will be able to enjoy Quake Champions for free, and it will remain free for you if you download it before that date. If you miss out on this opportunity Quake Champions will go back to early access buy in until the game fully launches and the free version of the game once again becomes available.

If you haven’t already downloaded it, what are you waiting for?

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