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Welcome to Myztro Weekly Updates!

Every week, the Myztudio Team will recap the news, replays, and action from the week prior to keep you updated. Here’s what went down this week:

Quake Champions

Week 8 of the Quake Pro League has come and gone, and so have all the plays and action. GaRpY and Vengeur played this week, while RAISY had a bye.

GaRpY faced Av3k in the opening match to Week 8, and it was a very close matchup. Av3k took Vale of Pnath in a close 6-5 scoreline. GaRpY fought back, shutting out Av3k 2-0 on Blood Covenant. Av3k took the series with a 3-2 win on Blood Run. GaRpY is now 1-5 in the EU/CIS Stage 1.

Vengeur took on Cooller next, and proved why he’s the best in EU right now. He took Awoken 9-7, and squeezed by Cooller on Corrupted Keep 7-6. He showed a lot of fight on Vale of Pnath, but fell to Cooller 9-7. However, he still took the series 2-1, and remains undefeated in EU/CIS in Stage 1.

There are two more weeks of Stage 1 action before Vengeur, RAISY, and GaRpY make their way to Lucca, Italy for the QPL Stage 1 Finals at the Italian Esports Open. Everyone has to fight for something; GaRpY will fight to stay in the Pro League, RAISY will fight to defend his 2018 IEO title, and Vengeur will fight to prove himself as the best in the world on home soil. We’ll keep you updated on the results and all the action leading up to Lucca in the next two weeks.

Here’s the current EU/CIS and World Rankings after Week 8 of the QPL.

k1llsen is still in 1st Place in EU/CIS, but Vengeur is only 5 points away from overtaking him.
Currently, only 3 NA players reside in the Top 10. Vengeur and RAISY are in 5th and 6th place, and GaRpY in 17th Place Overall


As of this weekend, Fortnite is once again in the news and trending on social media. However, instead of the Fortnite World Cup or controversial items, Fortnite is on the news circuits simply because Epic Games has ended Fortnite.

You heard that right.

Yesterday, Fortnite Season 10 ended, and Epic Games usually have big events planned for seasons ending. Players flocked to livestreams and into the game after cryptic and hyped-up posts made by Fortnite on social media were released, only to witness a black hole tearing through the map, completely shutting down the game.

Footage from the Season 10 “The End” event. Source: timthetatman
“The End” event even shut down the lobby of Fortnite, with players unable to join a game after the allotted time. Source: Scuf Gaming

The event is still going on at the time of publishing, with the Fortnite Twitter account blacking out and hiding all tweets except a livestream featuring the Black Hole, and the game being unplayable, also showing the Black Hole on the launch screen.
Fortnite’s cryptic livestream featuring the Black Hole. Source: Fortnite/Epic Games

We are as stumped as the rest of the Fortnite community, and we’re wondering what will come next. The concept of a game as big as Fortnite being literally unplayable for an extended period of time is alluring, and we can’t wait for the announcement of what Season 11 will have in store.

Apex Legends

Season 3 of Apex Legends is in full swing, and Myztro’s players are settling in and learning all the nooks and crannies of World’s Edge. Here’s some of the best plays from the crew this week!

ottr sneakily eliminates two squads in a thrilling game winner
ottr hits some sweet shots to eliminate an entire squad
HELL finds some out-of-place players to win the game
GaRpY hits some clutch Kraber shots to win a game.

Make sure to catch some plays and games live by following our Apex players on Twitch!

That’s it for this week’s edition of Myztro Weekly Updates! Come back next Monday for the latest Myztro Gaming content!

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