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A few days ago we said farewell to a number of Quake players as we restructured our Quake Champions division, we stressed at that point that this was not a departure from Quake and that further announcements would follow. This reshuffle had made way for the following news, that we have signed Italian player Marco “VengeuR” Ragusa who joins us as a duel player for upcoming events.

VengeuR will join Raisy on our Quake Champions roster and help make 2019 one to remember. The two have faced off on more than a couple of occasions with both Raisy and VengeuR getting the better of each other in different competitions including DreamHack Winter 2018 and the QOL Elite Division.

VengeuR is a great young talent, with a passion for the FPS genre that was fostered at a young age:

“Hello, for those who don’t know me I’m Marco, 19 years old and I live in Italy. I started to really get into PC gaming when I was pretty young, starting out I played an FPS title called Serious Sam where I in a short amount of time began to be one of the best players of the game at the age of 12. Then in 2013, the switch was made to Quake Live but due to school, I couldn’t really grind all that much. When Quake Champions released that all changed, I picked it up and hit it hard, my performances were getting better and better and I finished the 2018┬áseason with a 5-8th placement at DreamHack winter”

To see the young gun in action check out the FRAG movie below from flukkzmedia.

2019 is upon us and as we eagerly await the first event we are excited to see Marco once again on the main stage.

“I hope Myzto and I can grow up more and more together, I will bring my professionalism and my hunger to become the best in the world. Here I would like to achieve my dream, that at the moment is to win my first LAN and compete at the highest level possible at every event I attend”

Join us in welcoming the latest family member into the fold, we wish you many GGs for the year ahead. Make sure to follow VengeuR and follow his progress over the 2019 season.


Keep checking back for the latest Myztro updates or follow us on Twitter, there are more to come through January and later into the year, as always thank you for your continued support.

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