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The Beginning of the End: Quakecon 2019 Day 3 Recap and Finals Preview

POSTED BY Dylan Winn July 28, 2019

The group stage is over. Every player has played each other, the final standings have been completed. The dust has settled, and the stage has been set for the final matches of the QPL Kickoff on Sunday.

These final matches will confirm seeding for the Quake Pro League’s Stage 1, and the Top 14 from the Group Stage have moved on to play today. Those 14 are:

Cooller, 17-2
k1llsen, 16-3
rapha, 16-3
RAISY, 16-3
Xron, 15-4
DaHanG, 12-7
base, 13-6

Av3k, 12-7
toxjq, 12-7
psygib, 11-8
Vengeur, 11-8
Nosfa, 10-9
cha1n, 8-11
GaRpY, 5-14

Here’s the results from Myztro on Day 3:

vs Av3k: Loss, 0-2
vs K1llsen: Loss, 0-2
vs Dahang: Loss, 0-2
vs Spart1e: Win, 2-0
vs Vengeur: Loss, 0-2
vs RAISY: Loss, 0-2

vs Vengeur: Win, 2-0
vs SIB: Win, 2-0
vs Toxiq: Win, 2-0
vs Psygib: Win, 2-0
vs Base: Win, 2-0
vs GaRpY: Win, 2-0

vs RAISY: Loss, 0-2
vs Toxjq: Loss, 0-2
vs Psygib: Loss, 0-2
vs Base: Loss, 0-2
vs GaRpY: Win, 2-0
vs Xron: Loss, 0-2

Today was tough for Vengeur and GaRpY, both leaving Day 3 with 1-5 records. RAISY, however, smoked the competition, going undefeated and not dropping a map to anyone. He even took Corrupted Keep 28-0 against Sib. He beat both Vengeur and GaRpY as well, and placed himself nicely in the standings at 4th Overall. While a slide happened for Vengeur and GaRpY, they just need a mental reset to get back into the game, and to win their matches on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, this matchday will be a different challenge. Each player will have only one match to decide placement. Everything comes down to this.

Here’s the match schedule

*All Times in CDT

vs cha1n, 8:15 AM

vs rapha, 2:30 PM

vs. Nosfa, 9:30 AM


Stream Link TBA

Quakecon 2019 will be from July 24-28th at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas. For more Quakecon Coverage, make sure to keep it tuned to the Myztro TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, as well as here on!

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