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Squadding Up: Myztro Signs Swedish Fortnite Duo Whai and Rasmusenn

POSTED BY Dylan Winn May 2, 2019

Today, we announced that Swedish Duo Whai and Rasmusenn would be joining Myztro Fortnite via Twitter.

They join Severin and Tj as players for Myztro in Fortnite. They’ll all compete this weekend in the Fortnite World Cup Duo Week Four Qualifiers.

Make sure to follow our new MyzFam Members on Twitch and Twitter!



We are also excited to announce that all of Myztro Gaming will be coming together in London at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere from May 16-27. Myztro Fortnite will be playing World Cup Weeks 6 and 7 live from the Gaming Sphere. Stay tuned to @MyztroGaming and @MyztroLive for updates from Bootcamp Week!

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