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Sorlag was born and bred for one purpose: Hunt the warmbloods. After being pulled into the Dreamlands, she continues to hone her skills, tracking down her opponents in the Arenas and slaughtering them without mercy. With her toxic acid spit, she’s able to lay down damage-dealing traps to sway a fight to her advantage. Take a look at Sorlag in action in the latest Quake Champions trailer.


Sorlag spits blobs of acid at her enemies, burning their flesh and poisoning them with its toxicity, causing more damage over time. The acid also sticks to surfaces, poisoning anyone who touches it. Acid Spit is especially effective in tight corridors when you’re trying to lay traps.


Sorlag is blessed with two passive abilities. Her Bunny Hop passive allows her to increase her speed by continuously jumping in one direction and grants her a great deal of manoeuvrability. Her Acid Fiend passive grants her immunity to acid damage, allowing her to run through her own Acid Spit without taking damage, as well as the Acid Spit of an enemy Sorlag.


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