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Slash is a roller queen in the Arena, cutting a lethal path through the other Champions. On her skates, she’s a force to be reckoned with – quick, agile and ever-so-deadly, wreaking havoc with her Plasma Trail. Slash will be part of the upcoming Quake Champions Closed Beta, which starts on April 6.


Slash’s skates are far from ordinary. When you activate her Plasma Trail active ability, she leaves a glowing path in her wake, instantly damaging anyone who touches it. Pressing the button to activate the Plasma Trail again immediately causes the trail to detonate, which causes even more damage to anyone nearby. Use this ability to set traps for your opponents down hallways or work with your team to corner other players and snare them in a Plasma Trail cage before detonating it.

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Slash is all about agility. She twirls and dances through the Arena like a pro, and her Crouch Slide passive ability helps her do that. While she’s skating, Slash can drop down into a low crouch without losing any of her speed, making her a much smaller target. While crouching, she can also turn much quicker than many of the other Champions, allowing her to rapidly switch directions and navigate the space around her with ease.

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