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Myztro will once again be participating in the Super Bowl of Quake Esports, Quakecon 2019, at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas. The 4-day event will be sure to please Quake fans and Bethesda fans alike, with the kickoff of the Quake Pro League, as well as panels, events, and games to play.

Myztro will be attending this year with 3 Quake Titans; The British Bulldog, Gareth “GaRpY” Marshall, The Godslayer, Adrián “RAISY” Birgány, and Kid Bellissimo, Marco “vengeurR” Ragusa. They’ll attempt to prove themselves on Quake’s biggest stage, in the biggest Quake Esports League in the game’s history. Here’s when they play:

Garpy-QuakeCon-Schedule 960x540
GaRpY’s got a full plate in his 3 Days at Quakecon 2019, and he’s back with a vengeance to teach these kids a lesson! Image Credit: Bethesda


*All Times in CDT

10 AM: vs Toxjq
11 AM: vs Psygib
1 PM: vs Base
2 PM: vs SIB
3 PM: vs Xron
4 PM: vs Nosfa
5 PM: vs Whaz

10 AM: vs. Cha1n
11 AM: vs Br1ck
1 PM: vs Dramis
2 PM: vs Effortless
3 PM: vs Rapha
4 PM: vs Cooller

10 AM: vs Av3k
11 AM: vs K1llsen
1 PM: vs Dahang
2 PM: vs Spart1e
3 PM: vs Vengeur 
4 PM: vs RAISY

Raisy-QuakeCon-Schedule 960x540
RAISY is ready to prove himself in the Arena this Quakecon, after winning Hungarian FPS Player of the Year 2018, and his stunning performances in recent cups and tournaments. Image Credit: Bethesda


*All Times in CDT

10 AM: vs Xron
11 AM: vs Nosfa
1 PM: vs Whaz
2 PM: vs Cha1n
3 PM: vs Br1ck
4 PM: vs Dramis
5 PM: vs Effortless

10 AM: vs. Cooller
11 AM: vs Av3k
1 PM: vs K1llsen
2 PM: vs Dahang
3 PM: vs Spart1e
4 PM: vs Rapha

10 AM: vs Vengeur
11 AM: vs SIB
1 PM: vs Toxiq
2 PM: vs Psygib
3 PM: vs Base
4 PM: vs GaRpY

VengeurR-QuakeCon-Schedule 960x540
Vengeur, the newest and youngest addition to Myztro, will bring the heat to Dallas. His spicy and fast-paced playstyle will leave Quake fans hungry for more. Image Credit: Bethesda


*All Times in CDT

10 AM: vs Nosfa
11 AM: vs Whaz
1 PM: vs Cha1n
2 PM: vs Br1ck
3 PM: vs Dramis
4 PM: vs Effortless
5 PM: vs Rapha

10 AM: vs. Cooller
11 AM: vs Av3k
1 PM: vs K1llsen
2 PM: vs Spart1e
3 PM: vs SIB
4 PM: vs Dahang

10 AM: vs RAISY
11 AM: vs Toxjq
1 PM: vs Psygib
2 PM: vs Base
3 PM: vs GaRpY
4 PM: vs Xron

Editor’s Thoughts

Each schedule looks interesting. First thing you notice when you glance at the schedule is that all Myztro players face off against each other on Saturday, which makes every match critical going into Championship Sunday. I personally like this format, players only have to play from 10 AM-5 PM, giving them ample rest before playing again the next day.

My Match of the Tournament will have to be the Primetime Showdown between RAISY and Rapha on Friday at 4 PM, a rematch of the Italian Open Finals. It’s sure to be a hard-hitting match with major implications for both players.

Whatever the result, I believe that Myztro Quake can get through their matches without a hitch, and possibly make it to Championship Sunday!



Quakecon 2019 will be from July 24-28th at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas. For more Quakecon Coverage, make sure to keep it tuned to the Myztro Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as here on!

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