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Back on April 8th members of the public were able to meet and even play a game of Quake Champions against Myztro Gaming Professional Competitors Gareth “GaRpY” Marshall and Adrián “Raisy” Birgány when they made the journey to visit the Red Bull Gaming Sphere located in Shoreditch, London.

Both GaRpY and Raisy had a blast meeting avid Quake fans, chatting and giving some advice before competing in the 125fps cup from the Red Bull venue. Here are a few pictures that were taken at the London event earlier this month.

As always Zoot and Zsx did a fantastic job casting over the weekend, you could have dressed up a bit though? Make sure to follow Red Bull Esports on Twitter to keep up to date on any future events.

This wasn’t the only interesting thing happening in the Quake Champions competitive scene over the weekend, Bethesda went on record to finally announce the 2018 Esports Calender for the arena shooter.

We will release more information in the run-up to these events as it becomes available, for now, we are really excited to have some big competitions to look forward to. It’s time for our Quake team to knuckle down, sharpen their blades and prepare for the next exciting challenge. Ensure you follow us on Twitter

If you would like to interact with our Quake community we have some fantastic community streamers who are passionate about Quake Champions such as Krista “RottenRose” Popa who’d love to chat with you over on her Twitch channel when she’s live.

See you online.

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