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From his origins in the original Quake, to his time spent in the bloody halls of Quake III Arena, Ranger is a legendary character who’s returning to once again wreak havoc in the arenas of Quake Champions. With his Dire Orb active ability Ranger can teleport to impossible ledges, dodge incoming attacks and much more. Get your hands on the familiar lone Marine in the ongoing Quake Champions Closed Beta, and see him in action below.


Pulled from the innards of the All-Mother, the Dire Orb allows Ranger to teleport around the Arenas, granting him a unique edge over his opponents. With the Dire Orb, he can dodge attacks, reach tricky areas, and even telefrag unsuspecting enemies. The Dire Orb can hurt any enemies it makes contact with and, if left unused, it will explode, damaging all foes in the blast radius.

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Ranger’s passive ability, Son of a Gun, reduces the amount of self-damage he takes by 20%, allowing him to Rocket Jump with less pain and providing the opportunity for more up-close-and-personal, gibby Rocket Launcher kisses.


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