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Day 3 of competition saw all our Myztro players in action in Sunday’s Duel Showdown, the format for the competition was pretty brutal. Players would compete through a single elimination bracket in a best of 1 series, the prize was a winner-takes-all $25,000. 16 people were invited to compete in duel, the competition was stacked, let’s see how we got on.

Round of 16

Garpy/Xron- W for Garpy

We can’t have it all. 2 of today’s Round of 16 matches were all Myztro, and as much as we wanted every Myztro player to make it to the Round of 8, someone has to lose. In this round, it was Xron. Garpy did a clean 3-0 sweep of Xron on The Molten Falls, and progressed.

Spart1e- W vs Av3k

Av3k wasn’t a challenge today for Spart1e, sweeping him 3-0 on Blood Covenant to advance.

Dooi/Silencep- W for Silencep

The second all-Myztro game in the Round of 16 went the distance, with Silencep edging past dooi 3-2 on Awoken.

Raisy- W vs k1llsen

This Molten Falls matchup showed Raisy’s dominance, taking the W 3-1.

Round of 8

Garpy- W vs Rapha

This. Game. Rocked. Garpy won the first 2 rounds on The Molten Falls, but Rapha came back in 2 wins. In round 5, all looked lost after Rapha secured 2 frags. But, Garpy thundered back, responding with 2 kills of his own. The final frag could’ve gone to anyone, but after a smart totem place, Garpy took the game, pulling off the upset against Rapha to advance.

Spart1e- L vs Clawz

Spart1e put up a fight, but clawz had the last laugh with the clean sweep on Ruins of Sarnath.

Silencep- L vs Dahang

Looking to get the full Team Liquid sweep, Silencep tried his best against Dahang, but was swept 3-0 on Blood Run.

Raisy- W vs toxjq

This game was VERY close, with Raisy winning Awoken with a crazy trade 3-2 to go ahead in the tourney.

Final Four

Garpy- L to clawz

Garpy took a round off clawz, but the Belarusian prevailed on Corrupted Keep 3-1 to move into the final. Garpy had a really good run against some really strong competition and seemed to relish it along the way.

Raisy- L to Dahang

Raisy almost got this one. This Molten Falls matchup was a back and forth battle, with Dahang winning round 1, Raisy winning map 2, Dahang coming back round 3, and Raisy winning round 4. Round 5 came down to the wire, with both players on Galena, 1 kill from the finals. Sadly, Dahang prevailed with a final LG kill, and took the game 3-2.

The competition was fast paced and the final saw Liquids Dahang going for a second win in a single weekend vs returning and defending QuakeCon 2017 Duel winner clawz. Clawz managed to come away with the win, congratulations from us here at Myztro!

Quakecon has been the coolest event I’ve ever covered. I had tons of fun watching the matches and writing these articles, and I can’t wait for QC 2019, where I’ll hopefully be in attendance! Thanks a ton for the kind comments and support on my first 3 articles for Myztro!

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