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The second day of competition has come to a close and with it the 2v2 Quake Champions QuakeCon 2018 contest. All three of our Myztro teams made it to the top eight, from here they would fight for a top-four spot and if successful a place in the final. The competition was stiff, the action hectic and exciting…this is how our three Teams Myztro EU, CIS, and UKSA got on in day 2!

Team EU: Raisy and Spart1e

– Lost to Blind Trust 0-3 (Quarterfinals)

The quarterfinals weren’t kind to EU. Blind Trust kept EU at bay the whole match, with 49-39 on Blood Covenant, 50-38 on Awoken, and 50-34 on Tempest Shrine. EU secured 5th-8th place, as well as $8,750. Raisy and Spart1e were made to fight for their place in the top eight and did so in style, Blind Trust played a brilliant game that was one challenge too many for our boys, it was a great showing from out EU pair and they will have certainly proved they are not to be written off before events like these, GGs!

Team CIS: Xron and Silencep

– Lost to BIG 1-3 (Quarterfinals)

CIS looked strong throughout the Quarterfinals. They started out strong, wiping BIG 50-39 on Blood Run. BIG came back on Awoken 50-34 and sustained on Ruins of Sarnath 50-43. The last map, The Molten Falls, was a back and forth fight, with BIG and CIS trading for the lead multiple times. Sadly, BIG pulled ahead and won the map and the series 50-39. CIS secure 5th-8th place, as well as $8,750 in prize money. Despite the problems faced when getting here and those tips back and forth to the doctors missing scrims our boys showed up. Xron and Silencep fully deserved to make it this far, if not further and showed they are a force to be reckoned with.

Team UKSA: dooi and Garpy

– Beat New Name 3-0 (Quarterfinals) Advance to Semifinals

– Lost to Team Liquid 0-3 (Semifinals)

GaRpY and Dooi cleaned up New Name, with dominant wins on Awoken 50-38, Corrupted Keep 50-37, and a tight Blood Covenant map, winning 35-33.. After the match Dooi had a great interview thanking and congratulating teammate GaRpY on his recent marriage and all the sacrifices he’d made for QuakeCon 2018 and we couldn’t be prouder of these two.

The Semifinals was host to a race around at the Gaylord Texan, the “Dark Horse” of Myztro UKSA, up against the prized steed Team Liquid. Early on, UKSA looked promising but were ultimately outrun by eventual overall winners Liquid on all 3 maps.  (50-30 Molten Falls, 50-27 Blood Run, 50-26 Blood Covenant) While they might not have won the race, they got best in show in our books, securing 3rd-4th Place and $15,000! Not many people expected them to come this far with the trials of training while in different parts of the World, they proved the critics wrong and were rewarded for their efforts.

Having all three of our team make it into the top 8 was a great achievement, with one of them breaking into the top four with the quality of competition they all faced if fantastic. A big congratulations to Team Liquid, they played outstandingly throughout the 2v2 tournament and fully deserved their win, throughout the competition they only dropped a couple of maps through the whole double elimination tournament.

A big thank you to all our partners Java Gaming Cafe, Regen, Zowie, Gamers Apparel and Twitch for the support we’ve received so far.

The weekend is not over however, there are still some scores to settle! All our Myztro Quake Champions players return to the stage today for the Duels Tournament, a $25,000 winner-takes-all Fragfest! The tournament is a Single-Elimination Best-of-1 bracket, wish them luck!

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