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It’s been a long exciting road and our Quake Champions teams have made their way to the Gaylord Texan to compete at QuakeCon 2018 for a slice of the 200,000 USD prize pool that will be split across 2v2 and singles duel events. After a few days of scrimming at the Java Gaming Cafe, acclimating to the jet lag and getting over a bug or two our teams are ready to take on the worlds best. Friday had a busy schedule with all teams in action in the double elimination 2v2 competition. Through Friday’s double elimination brackets the field would be reduced to just eight teams, this is how our boys got on.

Team UKSA: dooi and Garpy

-Beat washed 2-0 (R32)

-Beat AMD 2-0 (R16)

-Beat BIG 2-1 (QF) Advance to Top 8

UKSA did EXTREMELY well at QuakeCon today. After sweeping washed and AMD 2-0, they were the underdog against BIG (Av3kk/k1llsen). They lost Map 1, Blood Covenant 38-42. However, UKSA thundered back on Corrupted Keep, pushing into Overtime with a 49-49 scoreline, with Garpy securing the final kill. Map 3, Blood Run, was anyone’s game, with UKSA and BIG going back and forth with the lead. The map went to the wire, with UKSA winning it by 1 kill, 38-37. They make the Top 8 and continue play tomorrow!

Team EU: Raisy and Spart1e

-Beat JP Tears 2-0 (R32)

-Beat Corvidae 2-0 (R16)

-Lost to Team Liquid 1-2 (QF)

-Beat Quaker Orbs 2-0 (LQF) Advance to Top 8

EU persevered through Day 1 at QuakeCon. Easily beating JP Tears and Corvidae 2-0, they faced a huge challenge in the Quarterfinals: Team Liquid. EU was the underdogs, and after losing Awoken 50-32, they stepped it up with a huge 50-38 win on Corrupted Keep. They couldn’t keep the momentum though and fell to Liquid on Blood Covenant 36-50. In the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals, they met Quaker Orbs, a surging North American team that won 3 of its last 4 matches. EU made easy work out of them, winning 50-39 on Corrupted Keep, and after many back and forth bouts on Tempest Shrine, sealed the deal 48-35. They continue in the Quakecon Open tomorrow!

Team CIS: Xron and Silencep

-Beat Cold Blooded Executioners 2-0 (R32)

-Beat Chocolate Train 2-0 (R16)

-Beat P2I 2-1 (QF) Advance to Top 8

CIS showed up in a dominant fashion in the Qualifiers. They wiped Cold Blooded Executioners and Chocolate Train 2-0, and looked strong coming into the Upper Bracket finals. They faced Play To Improve, a team that played close matches all the way up to meeting CIS. Match 1 was a nailbiter, going 49-49, with P2I taking it on Corrupted Keep. CIS came back, however, beating P2I 50-33 on Awoken and 50-36 on Ruins of Sarnath, propelling them into the Top 8. They play again tomorrow!

So after a really long first day of competition, all three Myztro teams have progressed to compete for a slice of the pie on Saturday, all three teams have proved they are not here just to look good in their Myztro swag, they are there to compete. Well done boys GGs and good luck with the rest of the event.

(A note from the Editor: This is the first article Dylan has written for us since joining our Myztudio team, if you wish to follow him you can do so over on Twitter, Dylan in his short time has mixed well with the team. Behind the scenes his enthusiasm and positivity are proving a great influence on everyone, we are pleased to have him onboard. You will see a lot more of him in the coming weeks and months here on

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