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Here at we aim to bring you the latest updates and information on the Myztro Gaming Organisation, we also want to bring you closer into the #MyztroFamily fold with insights into our players so you can see what makes your favorite esports athletes tick and today I intend to get the ball rolling in that regard.

Today the Quake team are flying out to compete at Dreamhack Tours, before they flew out I sat down with each of the doubles (Myztro UK, EU and US) and had a quick chat.  First I sat down with our American contingent Brandon “Br1ck” Gwyn and Michael “Dooi” Dewey.

Thanks for taking time out for busy preparation schedules lads, Brandon I’ll start with you if that’s ok?

Br1ck: Sure thing.

For those new to Quake and Myztro would you give a quick introduction of yourself?

Br1ck: My name is Branden “br1ck” Gwyn, I’m 28 years old and live in New Jersey. I’ve been playing Quake since 2001. I started on Dreamcast when I first fell in love with the game, then eventually made the switch to PC. The major achievements in Quake were in 2010 I place 3rd in CTF, 2012 I placed 2nd in CTF, and 2014 I got my 1st championship in CTF.

Thanks, as a long time Quake player what drew you to that and compete there rather than any other esports title?

Br1ck: Quake is in a class of its own. There are so many things you have to become good at to play Quake Champions at an elite level. It isn’t all about aim. There’s also the timing of multiple items, positioning, movement and your decisions have to be almost instantly on the fly.

Yeah, a lot of people seem to think Quake is just about aim, that is certainly not the case. Ok so you’ve competed for a while now, where and how does esports fit into your life?

Br1ck: Competing for me started as just a hobby, now its become so much more than that. Its the desire to be the very best at something which allows you to motivate yourself into doing things you didn’t think were possible.

How do you stay motivated dedicating all this time to a single game title? I feel a lot of people struggle with this aspect of breaking through the wall.

Br1ck: It’s pretty easy to stay motivated when you want to be #1 at something again. You’ll want to put in endless hours to achieve that goal.

I guess that’s the difference right there. Ok, a couple more questions, Do you have any special routines that help you get ready before you head into a LAN even such as Dreamhack Tours 2018?

Br1ck: A week before the event I start using a different set of headphones that I will be using on LAN. Nothing else really.

Why do you swap headsets like that?

Br1ck: Well because you don’t get to use headsets there, you HAVE to use the ones they provide and use earbuds for sound.

Makes perfect sense, good to break the dependency on your home audio. Ok last question, how do you feel about your game going into Tours and your chances at the event.

Br1ck: I believe my game has been elevated these last two weeks in almost every aspect, I’m feeling pretty confident we can do some damage and hopefully win another championship for Myztro.

You’ve had some decent practice time and its showing, ok let’s move over to your Michael.

Dooi: Ok fire away.

Ok, we’ll keep it simple same questions so would you please introduce yourself to the readers.

Dooi: My name is Michael Dewey. I am 23 years old and I have been playing Quake competitively for about a year now and casually since I was about 4 years old.

Tell us why you chose Quake and ultimately Quake champions to compete in?

Dooi: Quake represents the essence of the “cyberathlete”. That term is pretty much antiquated at this point as many esports are relatively lacking in any department that represents cyberathleticism. Timing, aiming, and movement makes Quake’s skill cap virtually unlimited. Many other titles have caps in all of these departments instead focusing the experience on understanding Meta and the right move to make versus your opponent. Quake includes this Meta game to a very high degree as well. However, many other esports resemble chess or poker more than an actual sport because they lack the same degree of mechanical skill required in Quake. This makes Quake resemble a sport in the truest sense which is what makes it attractive to me.

Good solid answer and I have to agree, it’s what makes it so great to watch knowing that skill gap is there. Ok, how do Quake and esports fit into your life?

Dooi: I compete because I love to do it. I love to win and I love to learn. You learn more about yourself doing something you love at a high level than in anything else with the exception of being married and (I’m assuming) having children.

Do you find the drive to be number 1 like Br1ck to be your main motivation?

Dooi: Everybody is different. I treat it like a job. I work every day and when I am done I decompress. I spend time with my wife, play some PlayStation, go to the gym… normal things. Quake is very important but it is not my entire life and I think having that mentality makes it easier to stay motivated. I am not doing this because I have to do it; I am doing this because I want to do it.

Passion is a key factor in Mytztro and what brings us closer together, is there anything you do or feel you need to do in order to prepare for a LAN event like the upcoming Tours? Any special underwear or meditation ritual?

Dooi: Nothing like that! I don’t really change anything before an event. As I have said in past interviews I really just try to be consistent year round in terms of my preparation. I stay with my process of improvement at all times. It’s not sexy or exciting to say that, but that’s the way it is.

Nothing wrong with that, that what makes you who you are today, ok last question and I’ll let you guys go and back to your scrimming. What are your chances as Myztro US heading into Tours this weekend?

Dooi: I don’t really concern myself with chances. Chances are that over half the people who predict the outcome of the tournament will be wrong.  I think there is going to be a lot of opportunities to win, make mistakes, and learn more about our team. We approach every map the same whether its practice, online tournaments, or LAN. I think that has been a major cause of our improvement over the past four months and for some of the success, we have had online. I think we are prepared and it will show in the quality of our games.

Fantastic stuff lads, thank you very much for your time and I won’t take up any more of it. I wish you both the best of luck and safe travels.

Our Myztro US team will be facing off against the best duo’s in the World these weekend in Quake Champions 2v2 action, also in attendance will be our Myztro EU and Myztro UK doubles who’s interviews will follow in the coming days as they are prep for action commencing at Tours.

The groups have been announced for Tours, check that out below.

Check back for more updates, team news and other ramblings from this mad man. We’ll see you online!

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