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Recently on Twitter, we announced we were looking for passionate and talented people to join our Myztro family with the introduction of Myztudio.

Myztro Gaming would like to announce the first addition to the Myztudio team with the talented Jakub Hertel.  Jakub is currently working towards a future in design and has already demonstrated his talent in the short time we have known him.  Furthermore, you can check out his fantastic work by following the link below.

“Through the years I’ve worked mainly with music producers, but you also can see a lot of different stuff on my page.  I’m always trying something new.  I’ve managed to work with people such as Hardstyle Mafia | Freakshow | Radiance | Chaotic Spirit | Heatwavez | Main Concern | Unkind | Spoontech Records | Rezurector | Exit Mind | Zirkum | Unhuman Familia and many more.”

We are excited to have Jakub join the creative team.  More importantly with Jakub’s talent it will help drive the Myztro Gaming brand with unique and fresh content moving forward.  Finally if you wish to keep up to date with Jakub’s current projects please be sure to give his Facebook page a follow.

Welcome to the Myztro family Jakub.

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