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Welcome to Myztro Weekly Updates!

Every week, the Myztudio Team will recap the news, replays, and action from the week prior to keep you updated. Here’s what went down this week:

Quake Champions

Quake Pro League’s first stage has wrapped up, with Week 10 play finalizing standings before the Stage 1 Finals in Lucca, Italy. Every Myztro player was in action this week, trying to clinch top spots before their LAN appearances later this week.

The day started with GaRpY playing Spart1e. Both have been on recent hot streaks, but are both the lowest EU players on the World Leaderboards. A loss in this series would mean the loser would remain the lowest in the leaderboards. GaRpY edged past Spart1e 5-4 on Blood Run, outlasted another close game on Ruins of Sarnath 10-9 and then shut out Spart1e on Molten Falls 15-0. With that 3-0 Sweep, GaRpY rose to 3-5 in the stage, as well as taking 7th Overall in EU/CIS.

Next up was RAISY vs baSe. Every map was crucial in this series, as a 3-0 scoreline made it easier to get into the Top 4 for Lucca, which means an automatic bye into the Quarterfinals, pending the result of rapha/DaHanG later that day. It was clear RAISY wanted that Top 4 spot, as the only close game was the opener on Blood Covenant, which RAISY took 9-6. The next two maps were utter blowouts. Molten Falls ended in a 17-5 RAISY victory, and Vale of Pnath was an even bigger blowout, with RAISY winning 20-5. This map was the largest margin of victory and the highest scoreline in the QPL this week, and is the highest scoreline in QPL since RAISY’s 20-8 victory over Av3k in Week 5. And with Rapha defeating DaHanG 3-0 in the last match of the evening, RAISY locked in his Top 4 World Ranking and received a bye into the Quarterfinals in the Stage 1 Finals in Lucca.

The final match for EU/CIS was Vengeur taking on k1llsen yet again, In the past 2 matches, Vengeur took both series 2-1, and were all thrilling games to watch. This match was no different, with each game being super close. k1llsen took Ruins of Sarnath 6-4, but Vengeur thundered back on Awoken with a 7-5 win. Molten Falls came down to the wire, where Vengeur came up with a frag at 9:47, with only about 12 seconds to go to secure one more frag to tie up the game 5-5. Sadly, he missed the ledge going from mega to shotgun at 9:57, giving the win to k1llsen, 5-4. The loss should be taken in stride though, as Vengeur may excel on home soil in a LAN environment.

Our Stage 1 Finals Preview will be coming out later on this week, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media for that!

Here are the final Stage 1 Standings.

Vengeur and RAISY lock up the 2nd and 3rd spots in the region, with GaRpY finishing the stage at 8th.
RAISY at 4th Overall, Vengeur at 7th, and Garpy at 15th. The Global Rankings include Quakecon 2019 scores as well.


The Fortnite Championship Series is starting up again, and Myztro’s players are gearing up for an all-new season. This weekend, Whai played in the FNCS Squads Warmup event. While there was no prize money involved, players showed up to play and practice for the season ahead.

Whai teamed up with GamerLegion’s Snadr, TeamSigma’s SvendPro, and Free Agent Fey to gather 121 Points and 202nd Overall.

Our Fortnite players will be practicing and finding the best squads to play with for the FNCS Chapter 2 competitions. The total Prize Pool is $5,000,000 USD, and will take up 5 Weekends starting November 1st. We will report on the results of FNCS Week 1 on next week’s Myztro Weekly Update!

Apex Legends

Respawn has nerfed the controversial Charge Rifle yet again, this time changing things significantly.

Respawn has released a patch on October 25th that changed the Charge Rifle yet again, this time with more substantial nerfs than before. Along with the previous changes with ammo consumption, the biggest change with the Charge Rifle is with Ammo. The rifle can no longer equip extended energy mags, meaning you’re stuck with only 4 shots. The rate of fire was also reduced from 1.1 shots per second to 0.9, as well as a damage falloff at 150 Meters.

Full Changes listed below:

  • Charge Rifle can no longer equip extended energy magazines
  • Base magazine capacity is now 12 (4 shots)
  • Fire rate reduced (increased time in between shots)
  • Damage falloff has been modified.
  • 90 dmg @ 150m decaying to 30 dmg @ 400m

I talked with ottr of the Myztro Apex Legends team about these changes. Here’s what he had to say:

Dylan: How does it compare to the old Charge Rifle?
ottr: It hits its power spike earlier in the game and thus is viable throughout the entirety of the game, rather than after you get an extended mag.

D: Will this nerf change the meta of the game?
o: No.

D: Do you think this nerf puts the Charge Rifle in the right place, or do you think more nerfs need to be made?
o: I’m not sure there’s a happy medium where a hitscan sniper rifle is considered balanced, it’s either too strong or too weak in my opinion.

If any more changes are made to Apex Legends, we will report the latest patch notes with professional opinions here on!

That’s it for this week’s edition of Myztro Weekly Updates! Come back next week for the latest Myztro Gaming news and content!

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