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Welcome to another edition of Myztro Weekly Updates!

Every week, we keep you updated with recaps of matches and news about Myztro Gaming and the games we compete in.

Let’s jump into it.

Quake Champions

Quake Challengers

This week, GaRpY and HELL participated in QPL Challengers Stage 4, Week 1, and they showed that they weren’t messing around.

GaRpY defeated Russian Semp1, Latvian bukster, Italian Scucchi, and Russian Klyb en route to the Finals, punching his ticket to the Challengers Finals. HELL had quite a run as well, defeating Russian M0nomakh, Dane enesy, Swede mikul, and Russian inz to face GaRpY in the Finals.

While both qualified for the Stage 4 Challengers Finals, they had to face one another in a Best-Of-Three series. The maps picked were Ruins of Sarnath, Blood Run, and Molten Falls.

On Ruins of Sarnath, GaRpY’s Ranger defeated HELL’s Visor 6-4, but HELL was quick to answer on Blood Run, tying the series up at 1-1 with a 12-3 victory. On the tiebreaker map, Molten Falls, the series was a close bout, but ended with GaRpY winning the map and the series 5-2.

Both players played spectacularly well, and we wish them luck with practice before the Stage 4 Challengers Finals in 7 weeks!

Quake Pro League

Coming off of an insane Top 4 run in the QPL Stage 3 Finals, Vengeur faced off against Cooller in Stage 4 Week 1 this past weekend.

Vengeur defeated Cooller in a close yet entertaining fashion 2-1, taking Corrupted Keep and Molten Falls 7-6. He was en-route to take a close Blood Covenant as well, but lost 4-5 in Overtime. However, he still took the series and is looking good going into Week 2.

Want more in-depth analysis and results? Check out our new article series, Myztro QPL Recap! Week 4 Stage 1 is already published, so go give it a read here.


Myztro Fortnite didn’t have much to compete for this past week, as Epic Games is preparing for the launch of Chapter 2 Season 3 on June 17th.

Whai and Tj played in the Benjyfishy Cup on May 27th, and while Tj was 5 points off of qualifying for the Finals, Whai secured 328 points and made his way into the Finals, Where he placed 822nd Overall and secured 76 Points.

Whai and KidBocaj played as a Duo in the EU Contender Cash Cup on the 21st, and made it all the way into the finals. Even though there were some griefers in their final 3 games, taking them from 9th to 22nd Overall, they still walked away with $800 Each.

We will be waiting for the next set of cups and qualifiers, including the highly-anticipated Trios cups, once “The Device” live event occurs on June 15th.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Myztro Weekly Updates! Come back next week for the latest Myztro Gaming content!