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Welcome to our new article series, QPL Recap! In this series, alongside our Myztro Weekly Updates, we will be going in-depth with Quake analysis and results from the most recent QPL match week.

Let’s start off with a bit of a recap of the Stage 3 Finals.

Stage 3 Finals: Supercut

The Stage 3 Finals was the first finals to be held entirely online, due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to the circumstances, the first two days had regional brackets, and Finals Sunday brought the three victors of each region together to fight for the belt.

On Day 1, GaRpY, the winner of the Stage 3 Challengers Finals, faced off against Spart1e in a Best-Of-5 relegation match, but fell to the Swede 0-3.

On Day 2, luck still wasn’t on the Myztro boys side at first either, as RAISY fell to Cypher in a close match 1-2, and Vengeur came just short of a victory against Cooller 1-2, sending them both into the Lower Bracket.

Since RAISY and Vengeur had to face off in the Lower Bracket, that meant only one player could advance, and after a very entertaining and close match, Vengeur pulled off the win, eliminating RAISY with a 2-1 scoreline.

That match must have given Vengeur the strength to move on, as he started rampaging through the lower bracket. He defeated BaSe 2-0 and then defeated toxjq 2-0 after a historic 26-minute Blood Covenant win.

Vengeur made it to Championship Sunday, where he faced off in the lower bracket against DaHanG. Vengeur exploded out of the gate, winning the match 3-1.

Vengeur moved into the Top 4, facing k1llsen next. The game was super close, but in the end, Vengeur lost the series 2-3 to the German.

K1llsen later went on to win the tournament, engraving his name on the belt for the second time.

After the tournament, the players had a week to rest and prepare for the final stage of Season 1 of the Quake Pro League, Stage 4.

Stage 4, Week 1

Returning from a crazy tournament weekend, Vengeur was to face off against Cooller, the same opponent who eliminated him in his first Finals match 2 weeks earlier.

In the Picks and Bans, Vengeur banned Vale of Pnath and Ruins of Sarnath, while Cooller banned Awoken and Blood Run. Vengeur banned Visor and Nyx, and Cooller banned Athena.

Vengeur picked Corrupted Keep and Blood Covenant, while Cooller picked Molten Falls. Corrupted keep would have Vengeur on Strogg and Cooller on Galena, Molten Falls would have Vengeur on Doom Slayer and Cooller on Anarki, and Blood Covenant would have Vengeur play Ranger with Cooller playing Slash.

Vengeur took an early lead, but Cooller came back and started a 3-point lead. However, that lead ended after a 3-point comeback after a suspected issue with Cooller’s totems in the final minute. Cooler called a GG at the 9:10 mark, allowing Vengeur to get a final kill and for the match to slowly end, 7-6.

Here is the full comeback and totem issue in 2 clips.

No server issues or glitches were found, so the game moved into Map 2.

Molten Falls was another close match, but not in the same way. Vengeur was dominant from the first second, leading with a 3-frag advantage in the first half of the map. Cooller made that into a 1-frag advantage in the 5th minute, and tied the game up at Minute 9. However, Vengeur came up strong and got the winning frag with 28 seconds left on the clock with a swift Doom Slayer punch to Cooller’s face. He didn’t lose his lead the entire match, winning the map and the series 7-6.

Blood Covenant was the next map, and from the beginning until the second minute, Venguer got an early 1 frag lead, with it being tied thereafter. Around minute 4, the chat was already having flashbacks to the Blood Covenant match between Vengeur and Toxjq, with some shots being traded, but nothing too exciting, but around the halfway mark, things got more interesting. At the 9 minute mark, Vengeur held a 1 frag advantage at 4-3, but Cooller got the tying frag at 9:19, taking the game into Overtime.

Now, the chat was really getting anxious, and the Myztro Gaming watch party members were even starting to ask, “Will this be another 16 minute overtime?” These questions were answered when Cooller got the winning frag, winning the map 4-5, but it was already Vengeur’s series to keep with a 2-1 victory.

After a Top 4 finish two weeks before, this seemed like a fitting entry for the Italian into Stage 4.

Watch the full match below.

Heading into Sunday

The Rivalry, Remastered.

Vengeur faces off against k1llsen for the 9th time in the Quake Pro League, and for the last time in regular stage play this Sunday. Currently, k1llsen holds onto the overall match record at 6-2, but has only swept Vengeur once, in the QPL Kickoff at QuakeCon 2019. Both players are on the upswing, with k1llsen off of a Championship win and Vengeur with his second Top-4 Finish. K1llsen had a relatively easy target in Spart1e last week, as Spart1e reclaimed his spot in the league in relegations.

This match will be a blockbuster, with some bigger implications for the World Championships on the line. You won’t want to miss it.

RAISY bounces back

Coming off of a disappointing Stage 3 Finals, RAISY had a bye in Week 1 to prepare for his first match of the stage against Cooller. While both players recent performance hasn’t been up to par with their Top 4 EU standings, RAISY has been practicing and streaming, while Cooller has been undoubtedly preparing for this matchup as well. RAISY always has tricks up his sleeve with his movements and abilities, and plays Quake like a talented musician plays their instrument. Cooller is always a player you cannot underestimate, with his abilities and skills in-game virtually unmatched to any other.

This match may also be a match of the week, and you REALLY don’t want to miss it.

Why would you watch Quake Pro League alone?

This week may be the most entertaining week of the stage, with all the players in the historical Top 4 playing against one another.

So why would you watch the games alone? Join us for our weekly QPL Watch Party!

The action goes down on the Myztro Gaming Discord, and the party will start prior to each Myztro match. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Discord and watch with other fans!

We’ll come at you next week with new QPL Analysis and Results! Until then, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Frag Out!