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Welcome to another edition of Myztro Weekly Updates!

Every week, we keep you updated with recaps of matches and news about Myztro Gaming and the games we compete in.

Let’s jump into it.

Quake Champions

Quake Pro League

Week 9 held some VERY entertaining matches.

Both RAISY and Vengeur were in action this week, facing BaSe and Cooller. RAISY utterly destroyed BaSe, completing a 3-0 clean sweep. He went 8-1 on Blood Covenant, 8-3 on Blood Run, and 12-8 on Molten Falls.

Vengeur took on Cooller, and despite falling 1-2, the matches were very, very close. Cooller took Corrupted Keep 5-6 after a 3 minute overtime, but Vengeur dominated on Awoken 14-7. Blood Run was close for most of the match, but Cooller took the map and the match with a 4-7 scoreline.

Next week is Week 10, the final week of Stage 2. Going into the finals in Katowice, Poland, there are some make or break games for RAISY and Vengeur in particular. RAISY faces toxjq and Vengeur faces Cypher. Pending a win from both Myztro players, a big leaderboard shuffle will occur.

Playoff Scenarios

Both Vengeur and RAISY are safe from relegation, so the worst-case scenario is as follows: they both get 0-3’d, and Cooller beats k1llsen 3-0. This will knock RAISY down to 5th and Vengeur down to 6th, seeding them into the Round of 20 to face a relegation match victor.

Now, onto the best-case scenarios.

Vengeur fans are BIG k1llsen fans this week, pun intended. With a Cooller loss and a Vengeur win, Vengeur can jump Cooller and take a Top 5 finish to Stage 2. k1llsen cannot overtake rapha, further rooting his place into the Top 2.

The ultimate Dark Horse scenario for Vengeur to clinch a Top 4 placement is this: Vengeur beats Cypher 3-0, RAISY loses to toxjq 0-3, and Cooller loses to k1llsen. That would leave him with 149 Points, jumping from 6th to 4th and getting a bye into the Quarterfinals. However, we want both RAISY and Vengeur to win, so we hope this scenario doesn’t happen.

If you’re a RAISY fan, you’re going to want to root for rapha. While RAISY winning his match against toxjq would solidify a Top 4 finish, 3-0ing toxjq would boost him up to 164 Points, hopping DaHanG for 3rd place. For RAISY to keep that 3rd place spot, rapha would have to 3-0 DaHanG later in the day.

Vengeur Win (3-0), RAISY Loss (0-3), Cooller Loss (1-2 OR 0-3) = 4th Place Finish, Seeded into Quarterfinals
Vengeur Win (2-1 OR 3-0) = 6th Place Finish, Seeded into Top 20 Bracket
Vengeur Win (2-1 OR 3-0), Cooller Loss (0-3, 1-2) = 5th Place Finish, Seeded into Top 20 Bracket
Vengeur Loss (1-2 OR 0-3), Cooller Win (3-0) = 6th Place Finish, Seeded into Top 20 Bracket
RAISY Win (2-1) = 4th Place Finish, Seeded into Quarterfinals
RAISY Win (3-0), DaHanG Loss (1-2) = 4th Place Finish, Tied for 3rd, Seeded into Quarterfinals
RAISY Win (3-0), DaHanG Loss (0-3) = 3rd Place Finish, Seeded into Quarterfinals
RAISY Loss (1-2) Cooller Win (3-0) = 4th Place Finish, Seeded into Quarterfinals
RAISY Loss (0-3), Cooller Win (3-0) = 5th Place Finish, Seeded into Top 20 Bracket

We wish both RAISY and Vengeur the very best this week. The match and map wins this last week really helped both players out in the rankings. The current rankings can be found below!

Current QPL World Standings. Source: Bethesda Softworks

Quake Challengers

HELL and GaRpY faced the gauntlet of EU and CIS Challengers this past Saturday.

GaRpY had instant success, winning his opener against Russian PepCo, but that success was shortened in the Winners Quarterfinals when he lost to eventual qualifier winner bukster from Latvia. He dropped into the Losers Bracket and awaited his opponent.

HELL struggled right out of the gate, losing 0-2 to Russian player strongest. HELL got his revenge on Russian Troolz 2-0 in the lower bracket. He faced off against GaRpY in a Week 5 Finals rematch, with the winner moving on, and the loser getting eliminated. GaRpY took the match 2-0, eliminating HELL, but wound up falling to the Dane enesy 0-2 in Losers Round 3.

bukster and Spart1e both qualified for the relegation matches in Katowice, and will face off against cnz, Xron, or Av3k in the relegation matches.

Full Bracket from the Stage 2 Challengers Finals tournament. GaRpY and HELL are highlighted in yellow. Source: Jake “mojo_ca” Valianes, Liquipedia

We can’t wait to see GaRpY and HELL compete in the next Quake Challengers event, and we hope both can go all the way and qualify for the Stage 3 Finals!

That’s it for this week’s edition of Myztro Weekly Updates! Come back next week for the latest Myztro Gaming content!

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