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Welcome to another edition of Myztro Weekly Updates!

Every week, we keep you updated with recaps of matches and news about Myztro Gaming and the games we compete in.

Let’s jump into it.

Quake Champions

Quake Pro League

This week in one sentence: It could have gone better.

RAISY faced k1llsen in a three-map series that was sure to be exciting. However, RAISY got swept by k1llsen on all three maps; Blood Covenant 7-10, Awoken 3-8, and Molten Falls 5-10.

Week 9 will showcase Myztro members against Russian powerhouses. Vengeur will face off against Cooller, while RAISY will take on BaSe.

The next 2 matches for RAISY and Vengeur are vital coming into Stage 2 Finals in Katowice. RAISY or Vengeur, pending match wins and map wins, could make a run into the Top 4 and get a bye into the Stage 2 Quarterfinals.

Here are the current world rankings:

Current QPL World Standings. Source: Bethesda Softworks

Quake Challengers

GaRpY and HELL are back, baby.

Since qualifying for EU Challengers Stage 2 Finals in Week 5, the UK duo have been practicing day in and day out to hopefully book two tickets to Katowice, Poland. In the first round of the double-elimination tournament, GaRpY faces Russian PepCo, while HELL faces strongest, also from Russia. Other notable names fighting for a chance at a relegation spot are Stage 1 QPL participant Spart1e, as well as former Myztro player Silencep.

All the action kicks off Saturday, February 8th, at 9 AM CST / 3 PM GMT. Live coverage of the event can be found on the Myztro Twitter and Facebook pages.


Love and War Event, V11.50 Patch Notes

This week, Epic pushed a small yet major update to Fortnite.

V11.50 adds the Love and War Limited Time Mode to the game, and introduces Epic’s Unreal Chaos physics system to Fortnite. Epic has stated that they want Fortnite to feel the same as expected, so they have opened a bug reporting system for the new engine.

All of the details can be found here.

The Love and War LTM has an all-new gamemode, as well as all-new cosmetics. Catch the trailer here:

In the new Attack and Defend gamemode, teams of 6 play up to 11 rounds, plant bombs, and buy weapons in this CS-like gamemode with a Fortnite feel.

The Love and War LTM event runs until Monday, February 17th.

Apex Legends

Season 4: Assimilation Update

Happy Birthday, Apex Legends!

Apex turned 1 year old on Tuesday, and with that birthday came a pretty substantial present. The Season 4 Battle Pass, new legend Revenant, and all-new map changes were all included.

Let’s start with the All-New legend, Revenant. He has very interesting abilities; his Stalker passive allows him to crouch faster and wallclimb higher. His Tactical ability, Silence, throws out a grenade that deals damage and disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds. Finally, his ultimate ability, Death Totem, puts players into death protection, so when a player is downed, they return to the totem with 1 HP.

Players can purchase Revenant with 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens.

Revenant’s Abilities. Source: Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts

Map Changes are up next. The two biggest changes are Fuel Depot and Capitol City’s major overhauls:

Planet Harvester. Source: Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts

Planet Harvester has replaced Fuel Depot. This major building owned by Hammond Robotics mines metals from the planet’s core for reasons unknown. The red beam shoots up into the sky, letting players know visually where the center of the map is. The giant harvester has made the conditions way more unstable in Capitol City.

Capitol City, AKA Fragment East and Fragment West

Capitol City has been split in two, with a giant lava pool in between the two landmasses. While mobile classes like Pathfinder and Octane benefit from crossing the lava pool using their abilities, there’s an Updraft in the pool for less mobile classes that pulls you to the other side, while you take 25 damage from the pool.

All the map changes can be found here.

Finally, the Season 4 Battlepass brings in a fresh heap of content to the game. New legend and weapon skins, weapon charms, backgrounds, music packs, and skydive emotes are available when you level up your battlepass. The pass is available in two bundles; The standard Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins and starts you out at Level 1, while for 2,800 Apex Coins, players can purchase the Level Up bundle, which levels you up to Level 25.

Catch more details in the video below:

That’s it for this week’s edition of Myztro Weekly Updates! Come back next week for the latest Myztro Gaming content!

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