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Based in Shoreditch, London The Red Bull Gaming Sphere is the UK’s largest public esports venue, members of the public can attend and even compete in Esports events, meet and learn from professional Esports athletes as well as loads of other great events to be a part of. With a busy schedule ahead, there is plenty to see and do at the London venue, on April 8th you will be able to meet and play against Myztro Gaming players Gareth “GaRpY” Marshall and Adrián “Raisy” Birgány who will be playing 1v1 against the public.

On the night, Red Bull will be giving away a few prizes in the form of Loot Crates, although taking a map from a pro-player would be even sweeter, however, don’t expect our guys to go easy on you!

Red Bull will also be live streaming 125fps Sunday cup from the studio and casters ZSX and our very own Zoot will be in attendance and be giving their colourfull commentary over the contents for your enjoyment, make sure to tune in and check that out.

If you want to turn up, watch some Quake and hang out with Raisy and GaRpY follow register following the instructions below!

To register to take part in the Quake Champions Community Night at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere you can register to participate if you are over the age of 16 by completing the registration form over at the Red Bull events page.

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