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POSTED BY Chris Jones March 16, 2019 in News
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Yesterday we announced on Twitter that we have since the Danish duo of Severin and TJ to represent Myztro Gaming in the global phenomenon that is Epic Games’ Battle Royal, Fortnite.

Official Announcement: Myztro Gaming enters #Fortnite. We are delighted to sign Danish duo Christian @myztroSeverin Telstad and Mikkel @myztroTj Johansen. They will be competing together in the $100,000 Scallywag cup this weekend. Let’s get it. #myzfam#PlayToWin

Fortnite’s, as well as the Battle Royal esport scene as a whole, is something that is growing and evolving with each tournament. Epic Games have done a fantastic job of supporting the monumental growth of its BR title and have mapped out the first year roadmap for Fortnite esports.

More information on the competitive scene is expected soon, until then please join in in welcoming our two newest members to the Myztro family.

See you online!