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Myztro Gaming Welcome Nikita “clawz” Marchinsky to Quake Champions Roster

POSTED BY Dylan Winn September 5, 2018

Nikita “clawz” Marchinsky has been one of the stand out stars so far in Quake Champions. At 20 years old, clawz is a consistent tournament winner; a two-time Quakecon Duels Champion, also going so far as winning both Sacrifice and Duels competitions in the first Quake Champions World Championships in 2017 where he faced off against Vo0 in the duel final, watch that action below.

Clawz continued his dominating performances this year at QuakeCon 2018, where he placed 2nd in the 2v2 Open Championships and also managed to successfully defend his Duel category win from 2017 with a 1st place finish in the Duels Showdown. The Belarusian powerhouse has nine 1st Place titles in his Quake Champions career, only getting lower than 3rd place once. He’s the winningest Quake Champions player to ever touch the game. Today, we welcome him to Myztro Gaming.

Clawz will be competing alongside Xron on the Myztro CIS lineup. We have been a fan of Clawz for some time and we are excited to see his progress and what he can achieve while wearing the Myztro shirt. Everyone at Myztro is very happy to have him on board! Good Luck, Clawz! We know you’ll feel right at home.

Note from the editor Chris Jones: Please join us in welcoming Nikita to the Myztro Family, firm handshakes all around 😉


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