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Krista “RottenRose” Popa has joined our Myztro Gaming

POSTED BY myztro January 9, 2018

Welcome Krista Popa

Myztro Gaming is pleased to announce Krista “RottenRose” Popa has joined our Myztro Community stream team. Most of you already know Krista as she has been part of the Quake community for longer than most of us can remember. Not only is she an amazing player she has also helped with production at QuakeCon for many years. She started out as a photographer for QuakeUnity at Quakecon in 2008 & 2009, from then on she joined forces with Quakelive TV as a production assistant for Quakecon’s main tournament coverage. Also, in 2009 she joined TastySpleen TV as a community manager for online cups and assisted with production on LAN. Most recently, Krista took charge as head producer of the Quakecon 2017 BYOC coverage. We are very excited to have such a professional and charismatic person be part of our #MyztroFamily. She will be demonstrating some of her creative art on stream as well as great gameplay in many genres. Please join us in welcoming her!

You can follow Krista here  – TC_RottenRose

Watch here Myztro rottenrose

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