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Myztro Gaming LLC is proud to announce its official partnership with ZOWIE

POSTED BY myztro March 2, 2018

Myztro Gaming LLC is proud to today announce its official partnership with ZOWIE, a brand dedicated to the development of professional esports equipment by BenQ. Myztro Gaming players such as RAISY, GaRpY and HELL have been fans of the brand and relied on their very own ZOWIE mice during the 2017 competitive season of Quake Champions. Myztro player RAISY dominated at Dreamhack Denver taking first place while using his Zowie ZA13 and GSR mouse pad. HELL says “I love the size, feel and precision of the EC2-B. I have been playing competitively for over 20 years and this for me is the best mouse I have ever used”.

This partnership will allow our players to train with not only some of the best esports mice on the market but also have access to other great ZOWIE products such as their new Optimal and Precise Pre-travel keyboard, the Celeritas II and the ZOWIE XL2540 240Hz monitors. We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to being able to train hard for the upcoming season. Welcome to the #MyztroFamily ZOWIE!

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