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Myztro Gaming is delighted to announce our entry into competitive Halo

POSTED BY myztro January 25, 2018

Myztro Gaming is delighted to announce our entry into the Halo scene. With the addition of Ryan “Batchford” Batchelor, Perry “tuf0xy” Kenyon, Hamzah “Phlux” Nackvi and Andrew “Ramirez” Corrigan to the Myztro family, we are bringing into the fold one of the best Halo teams in Europe. We have had our eye on the Halo scene for some time and with the exciting announcements surrounding the Halo 2018 World Championships, there seemed no better time to get our feet wet. This is another step in our goal to establish Myztro as one of the most recognisable brands and organisations at the very top of the gaming hemisphere.

The new Myztro Halo team will be competing in all of the upcoming Halo events online and will debut offline at the HaloWC 2018 Orlando Open in mid-February. Please join us in welcoming them to Mzytro Gaming.

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