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I have already sat down and interviewed our Myztro UK and Myztro US Quake Champions teams prior to DreamHack Tours. The only thing left to do is try and sit down with our European battery of the young and talented Adrián”Raisy” Birgány and the Swedish veteran Sebastian “Spart1e” Siira. Once opponents, now teammates…how will they combine at DreamHack Tours?

Note from the editor: As you will come to see, these two guys are more people of action than words. Either way, it was a pleasure to get some time for a quick conflab before they headed out to compete as a duo at DreamHack Tours.

Raisy has become a new synonymous with Quake Champions in recent time topping leaderboards and collecting wins and top placements in online cups and championships like they were going out of fashion. Raisy could you introduce yourself to the readers?

Raisy: My name is Adrián Birgány, most of you know me as RAISY from Myztro Gaming. I’m 23 years old and I’ve been playing Quake since I was 5-6 years old. First I was just playing against BOTs offline, then I started playing Quake Live on a hobby level before I started competing in it as Quake Champions came out.

Fantastic stuff, next up could you give me a reason why you chose to compete in Quake Champions over any other esport?

I’ve always loved Quake because it is fast-paced, and compared to most other FPS games there’s so much more action going on in Quake.

Right fair enough, short and sweet. How do Quake and esports fit into your life at the moment? With online tournaments ramping up and the LAN season beginning is it tough going?

Raisy: Yes, it’s a busy schedule but I’m loving it at the moment, as I said I love the fast-paced action of Quake Champions so I’m also loving the fast-paced action lifestyle. It’s great to go to and compete at these big events like DreamHack. I also try to make sure I spend time with my loved ones in much-needed downtime which I think is sometimes just as important as practice.

We’ve seen you improve month on month since Quake Champions released, how do you stay motivated to keep improving?

Raisy:Last summer I decided to start playing it as best I can to see how good I can get, and to be able to match up against the world’s best players. Self-improvement always motivates me.

Do you prepare in any special way for events?

Raisy: Not really, I just like to keep improving and practicing as much as possible.

So heading into tours are there any worries or are you full of confidence?

Raisy: I like team-based game modes just as much as Dueling, so playing 2vs2 is something I really enjoy, although I’m very new to it so there’s so much room for improvement. Luckily, my teammate is Spart1e, who is awesome! He puts up with my madness on a daily basis, so I respect him a lot. Together, we’ve been trying to figure out how to get better, but it’s been very challenging. We can put up a good fight against most teams, but some are very far ahead compared to us.

Thanks, Raisy and now onto your partner Spart1e here who although last to interview was the first of our players to schedule some interview time, trying to get everyone else together was like herding cats, so thank you Seb.

No worries, happy to help out.

Not that I feel you need an introduction to the Quake community, but would you introduce yourself?

Spart1e: My name is Sebastian “Spart1e” Siira. Ive been competing back and forth from 2007 in the Quake series with a few top 4 placements such as 1st Quakecon 2011 TDM, 2nd Quakecon duel 2009, 3rd CTF same year.

Brilliant, let’s move on. Why did you choose to return to action in Quake Champions? Do you think you can still bring somthing to the table against these newer and younger players?

Spart1e: Absolutly since I’ve got so much experience from Quake3/Quakelive I just had to give it a go. I have no interest in playing other games since I’m just playing to compete and get something out of it.

How do you manage to fit competing in esports and Quake Champions into your life?

Spart1e: I do love the competition. It’s so fun to really focus on something and really try to master it. On the other hand, my job is what I prioritise as number one in my life. I am production Leader in a mayonnaise factory and it takes most of my time. I do hope for CTF or another good team mode to come soon and compete in that.

It hard to juggle priorities but seem to have struck a nice balance allowing you to still compete even with all your other commitments, do you find it hard to stay motivated playing one game religiously on top of all that?

Spart1e: Like I mentioned earlier, I just love to improve and get to a very high level of something.

No it is! Ok moving into LAN preparation. DreamHack tours is a few days away. Are you doing anything special to prepare or do you settle into a set routine to get ready for a big LAN like this?

I cut out on sleep and try to spend as many hours as possible in the game. 3-4 hours of sleep per night has been normal for me for the last several weeks. It’s not optimal at all. But that’s what I gotta do if I wanna be able to compete with players that have Quake as “their job”. Normally I try to sleep well, eat healthily and work out regularly at my gym, three things I don’t have time for in the run-up to a big event. So If I do anything “special” It is cut out as much as possible and dedicate as much time to practicing as I can.

That’s incredible dedication and shows why you’ve been a consistent performer over the years and even more so in recent competitions. Ok, the last question, with all the last minute preparation is all but done how do you think you and Raisy will do at DreamHack Tours?

Spart1e: The competition is going to be really tough, anything can happen at an event and to be honest I’m not confident at all. Not in our ability but because there are some really tough teams to beat and any one of them could win it. If we don’t get top 8 I will be unhappy, if we are having a good event I can see us getting top 4.

Guys thank you very much for your time. Raisy Spart1e I’ll let you get back to it and I wish you both luck in Tours!

Competition at DreamHack Tours begins later today, to check out the action live you can watch along on Twitch.

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