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Myztro @ Dreamhack Winter 2018 [LIVE UPDATES]

POSTED BY Dylan Winn November 29, 2018

Myztro is back at it again for the final major Quake Champions event of the year! Garpy, Dooi, Clawz, Xron, Raisy, Silencep, and Hell look to end 2018 on a high note in the Duel and TDM competitions. They’ll be competing for a $120,000 TDM Prize Pool and a $80,000 Duel Prize Pool, and bragging rights for all of 2018! Dylan Winn of the Myzstudio Team will be dueling the competition to bring you all the action from Jönköping, Sweden!

Final Thoughts
While Myztro wasn’t dominant this time at DH Winter, they did put up a fight, and made a valiant effort against their opponents. While it wasn’t the best way to end 2018, I feel like Myztro’s Top 8 finishes are a great launchpad for improvement into next year. Good job to everyone who competed, GGWP to Team Liquid who won the TDM event, and to Rapha for winning the Duels event. See everyone in 2019!

Day 3: December 2nd: Duels
(Bold shows winner, Italics shows Myztro)
Quarterfinal 4: Clawz vs Cooller 0-3

Duels Recap
Many fights were fought, and battles were waged. However, Clawz was the only Myztro member to survive the group stage, and make it into Top 8. His fight is not over though. He faces Quake veteran Cooller in the fourth Quarterfinal of the day. This might be one of his biggest challenges yet. We wish Clawz best of luck tomorrow. For Myztro!

Day 2: December 1st: Duels
(Bold shows winner, Italics shows Myztro)
Dooi vs baSe  1-2 (Dooi Eliminated)
Xron vs Dandaking (Xron Eliminated)
Raisy vs CMRN 
Raisy vs vengeuR 2-1
Raisy vs Cypher (Raisy Eliminated)

TDM Recap
After a close game against Nemiga Gaming, and a 3-0 CIS loss against eventual TDM Champions Team Liquid, both Myztro teams secured Top 8 and $5000. Great job to all of our teams, and we hope they’ll come back swinging in 2019!

Day 2: December 1st: TDM
(Bold shows winner, Italics shows Myztro)
Myztro EU vs Nemiga Gaming 2-3
Myztro CIS vs Team Liquid 0-3

Day 1 Recap
Day 1 of Dreamhack Winter saw tons of high-level Quake gameplay. 2 of our 3 2v2 teams made Top 8, and a few of our Duelers will be playing the rest of their matches tomorrow. We’ll see everyone here tomorrow, so make sure to stay here to be kept up-to-date with the latest DH Winter Details!

Day 1: November 30th: Duels
(Bold shows winner, Italics shows Myztro)
Garpy vs Spart1e 1-2 (Garpy to LB)
Silencep vs br1ck 1-2 (Silencep to LB)
Xron vs baSe 1-2 (Xron to LB)
Raisy vs Steej
Clawz vs HELL 2-0 (HELL to LB)
Dooi vs Dandaking 0-2 (Dooi to LB)
Xron vs a1d
Clawz vs Dandaking 2-0
HELL vs dem0n 2-1
Garpy vs F1sk 
Silencep vs ZenAku 1-2 (Siencep Eliminated)
Xron vs phaze
Garpy vs CMRN (Garpy Eliminated)
Dooi vs k1ru
Dooi vs HELL (HELL Eliminated)
Clawz vs DaHanG (Clawz moves to Top 8)
Raisy vs Av3k 1-2 (Raisy to LB)

Day 1: November 30th: TDM
(Bold shows winner, Italics shows Myztro)
Myztro UKSA vs  SPARTANS FUNTAJM 1-2 (UKSA goes to Lower Bracket)
Myztro CIS vs Ascent 2-1 
Myztro EU vs Last Chance (EU goes to Lower Bracket)
Myztro UKSA vs Cooked Esports 2-0
Myztro EU vs Rage 2-0
Myztro CIS vs Cyberfight 1-2 (CIS goes to Lower Bracket)
Myztro UKSA vs Corvidae 1-2 (Myztro UKSA Eliminated)
Myztro EU vs Granit Gaming 2-1
Myztro EU vs SPARTANS FUNTAJM 2-0 (Myztro EU Qualifies)
Myztro CIS vs BIG 2-0 (Myztro CIS Qualifies) 

Myztro CIS (Xron/Clawz) vs Cyberfight (Agent/baSe)

Map 1, Blood Run. Myztro CIS WIPED Cyberfight with a dominant 50-20 scoreline. 

Map 2, Molten Falls. Xron made an interesting Scalebearer pick. While they started out behind, but started to catch up around the 5 minute mark. Sadly, it wasn’t enough, and Cyberfight wins the map 50-47.

Map 3, Ruins of Sarnath. After a very, VERY close Sarnath, Cyberfight takes the win over Myztro CIS 50-48.

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