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A few days ago Hell and GaRpY were invited to compete in the ESB.TVĀ  Apex Legends Spring Invitational alongside ShyGosu, after a four-hour long event including a 13 match winning streak our boys came out on top of the pack.

“That was a fun tournament, thanks for hosting @esb_apex – We managed to string together 13 straight wins in 4 hours to win with 407 points, well played to everyone who competed, was a really enjoyable tournament. “

– Aaron “Hell” Jones

The tournament was well thought out, fun to watch and fun for the players involved which is something a lot of BR games and other organisers could learn from, as BR esports competitions are anything but consistent at the moment.

We look forward to more Apex Legends competition in the near future, as always thank you to our great partners and sponsors and to our supportive fans!

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