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The dust is only just beginning to settle after a wild weekend absolutely jam-packed with incredible Halo action that was a joy to behold. Our Halo team (Bachford, Tufoxy, Ramirez and Phluxs) qualified for the Halo World Championship finals back in February after a hard-fought battle at HaloWC London, with Batchford also qualifying for the FFA finals.

The Myztro Gaming Halo team flew out to bootcamp in Seattle before the event in preparation for some stiff competition in an incredibly stacked Group C.

The Myztro team had a really tough time against some great opposition and were sadly unable to progress beyond the group stage, Infused and Reciprocity moved on from Group C to battle it out with the remaining teams including the eventual winners Splyce.

In the Free For All category, Batchford was able to do one better, finishing in a respectable 2nd place, having been bested by Oxygen Supremacy player RyaNoob.

As always Halo and MLG put on an incredible event that was as fun to watch as to be part of, the team enjoyed their time at the Halo World Championship finals in Seattle and will be more determined to make even greater memories next year.

A huge thanks to all those who have supported the Myztro team through their journey to the finals and beyond. Our partners have also been fantastic in supporting our team and we look forward to your continued support in upcoming events

Once again congratulations to Splyce and RyaNoob on the team and FFA wins respectively.



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