Everything to Prove: Quakecon 2019 Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview

POSTED BY Dylan Winn July 26, 2019 in News, Quake Champions, QuakeCon
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Day One of Quakecon 2019 has come and gone. GaRpY, RAISY, and Vengeur have played their first matches in the Quake Pro League, and it was every bit as exciting, stressful, and amazing as anticipated.

Here is the overall standings after Day 1.

Vengeur, 6-1
RAISY, 6-1
Cooller, 6-1
k1llsen, 6-1
Xron, 6-1

toxjq, 6-1
psygib, 5-2
DaHanG, 5-2
rapha, 5-2
base, 5-2

Av3k, 4-3
Spart1e, 3-4
nosfa, 3-4
GaRpY, 1-6
dramiS, 1-6

cha1n, 1-6
whaz, 1-6
br1ck, 0-7
Effortless, 0-7
sib, 0-7

Here are the results from today’s matches.

vs Toxjq: Loss, 1-2
vs Psygib: Loss, 1-2
vs Base: Loss, 0-2
vs SIB: Win, 2-0
vs Xron: Loss, 0-2
vs Nosfa: Loss, 0-2
vs Whaz: Loss, 1-2

vs Xron: Win, 2-0
vs Nosfa: Loss, 0-2
vs Whaz: Win, 2-0
vs Cha1n: Win, 2-0
vs Br1ck: Win, 2-0
vs Dramis: Win, 2-0
vs Effortless: Win, 2-0

vs Nosfa: Win, 2-0
vs Whaz: Win, 2-0
vs Cha1n: Win, 2-0
vs Br1ck: Win, 2-0
vs Dramis: Win, 2-0
vs Effortless: Win, 2-0
vs rapha: Loss, 1-2

Vengeur and RAISY had an amazing day 1, finishing 6-1 and on top of the leaderboard. Before Round 7, Venegeur was the only player remaining after round 6 to not lose a map, sweeping every opponent that came his way, until a close loss to rapha 1-2. RAISY stumbled a bit in round 2, falling 0-2 to Brazillian Nosfa, but found his footing, not even dropping a map in the next 5 maps. Both Vengeur and RAISY are facing players in the middle-top of the standings in Day 2, so they need to prove themselves in Day 2 to stay at the top of the standings.

GaRpY had a little trouble on Day 1. His only win was to SIB in Round 4, taking Corrupted Keep 15-1 and scraping by Molten Falls 7-5. He currently sits at 14th in the standings. His schedule on Day 2 is a little easier, as he faces off against 4 NA players in the bottom 6 in the standings, but then faces Cooller and rapha at the end of Day 2.

Editor’s Thoughts

Vengeur and RAISY looked as if they were on FIRE today. They wanted to prove themselves and make it to the end goal of Finals on Sunday in any way possible. GaRpY, while he looked rusty, can definitely improve and pull things together on Friday, as most of his map results were very close losses.

There’s still time left for anything to happen, for any player to come out on top.

Here are tomorrow’s match schedules:
*All Times in CDT

10 AM: vs. Cha1n
11 AM: vs Br1ck
1 PM: vs Dramis
2 PM: vs Effortless
3 PM: vs Rapha
4 PM: vs Cooller

10 AM: vs. Cooller
11 AM: vs Av3k
1 PM: vs K1llsen
2 PM: vs Dahang
3 PM: vs Spart1e
4 PM: vs Rapha

10 AM: vs. Cooller
11 AM: vs Av3k
1 PM: vs K1llsen
2 PM: vs Spart1e
3 PM: vs SIB
4 PM: vs Dahang


GaRpY: https://www.twitch.tv/myztrogarpy
RAISY: https://www.twitch.tv/myztroraisy
Vengeur: https://www.twitch.tv/myztrovengeur

Quakecon 2019 is from July 24-28th at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas. For more Quakecon Coverage, make sure to keep it tuned to the Myztro TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, as well as here on Myztro.net!