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Back in August gaming festival organisers DreamHack, announced two Quake Champions events. Bethesda will host a $75,000 championship in Denver October 20th-22nd and the second event DreamHack Winter to be held in Sweden December 1st to 4th where $350,000  will be on the line.

Raisy and Vo0 have been invited to compete at Denver and will be joined by our only American player dooi who also qualified for the event. This week, however, will feature most of the players from the Myztro brand seeking to qualify in both Sacrifice and Duel.

Once again Vo0 has been invited to compete at DreamHack Winter thanks to his excellent performances at QuakeCon, our other players must earn a spot. Myztro players in action this weekend will represent us in both Duel and Sacrifice as a team.

  • GaRpY
  • Hell
  • Phaze
  • Raisy
  • dooi (duel only)


Qualifiers to be double elimination brackets, with those qualifying each earning full travel and accommodation to DreamHack WinterI will aim to keep you all posted here with updates throughout the Winter Qualifiers as the weekend progresses.

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