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Shield on! Clutch, the awakened automaton, joins the battle as the latest Champion out for blood in Quake Champions. Built initially as a mining robot, Clutch was altered into an organic killing machine after a network malfunction during a routine data transfer. Now its only mission is to destroy all signs of life within the Arenas.


Clutch can block incoming attacks with its Barrier active ability. Its large force-shield once was used to protect itself from organics and drills when mining, but in the Arena, it works as a solid defense against enemy Champions.

Quake Clutch 730x411


Don’t be too hasty when trying to attack Clutch head on. Built to withstand the toughest of mining conditions, Clutch will stand strong using its Still Defense passive ability to deflect attacks like a boulder.

Quake Clutch StillDefense 730x411

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