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Branden “Br1ck” Gwyn has joined Myztro Gaming

POSTED BY myztro January 9, 2018

Welcome Br1ck

Myztro Gaming is very excited to announce that we have signed Branden “Br1ck” Gwyn to join Michael “Dooi” Dewey to compete in Quake Champions 2v2 TDM cups. Branden has said that he’s super excited to be signed to an organization where he can call most of the player’s friends. Br1ck first started playing Quake on his Dreamcast in 2000 this love for Quake changed into a passion for competition by 2010, when Br1ck first started playing competitively. since then he has gone on to win many online Quakelive CTF cups.
His first LAN win was in 2010 in which his team placed 3rd at QuakeCon in CTF. They went on to take 2nd place at Quakecon 2012 and winning 1st place at Quakecon 2014. Branden is known in-game for his strong lightning gun and his exceptional professional attitude. Branden has said that he is very excited to be given a chance to prove why he has always remained at the top level of competition and that with Myztro Gaming’s support he feels he can push himself to his limits. We are very happy to have Branden as part of our evergrowing family and can’t wait to see what these two will bring to the QC TDM table.
You can find Br1ck streaming over on Twitch here
Or you can see what he’s up to on Twitter here

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