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New Season, New Look, Same Quake Action.

The Quake Pro League is back for its second season after a historic Quake World Championship, that saw Vengeur and RAISY place 3rd and 2nd, with Rapha taking the grand prize.

Now, the Quake Pro League has a new production partner in PGL, and a new stage and match win system. Gone are 4 stages and points. Now, the season is divided into three stages, and for each map, players gain money instead of points. $150 USD for a win, $50 USD for a loss.

Stage Schedule for Season 2. The season has been shortened to 3 Stages, with 12 weeks each of action. Courtesy Bethesda

The ever-exciting Stage Finals will be held in-person, at a studio setting in PGL’s headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, with 2021’s Quake World Championship being played at QuakeCon 2021. But due to the ongoing pandemic, any of these Finals can and may be played online.

Week 1

Week 1 saw RAISY take on toxjq and Vengeur re-ignite his rivalry against k1llsen.

RAISY seemed to not break a sweat, and despite a close Blood Run, he 3-0’d toxjq, winning Ruins of Sarnath 11-6, Blood Run 6-3, and Molten Falls 20-4.

Vengeur kept the games entertaining and close, winning Blood Covenant 5-4, losing Corrupted Keep 3-4, and then pulling ahead for the victory 8-6 on Awoken.

Week 2

This week, RAISY was the only Myztro player to have matches, and he faced off against SPART1E.

RAISY accomplished a feat that isn’t very common in Quake in this match. RAISY 3-0’d SPART1E and scored 20+ kills on every map, clinching 71 Frags total in the entire match. The “Quake Hat Trick”, if you will.

Week 3

This week, the boys had a big doubleheader, facing off at the end of the night.

Vengeur played Stage 1 Champion Cooller, and it was a very entertaining match. The Italian grabbed a win on Corrupted Keep 10-6, fell in a close match on Blood Covenant 4-5, but closed out the match with a dominant 9-1 victory on Molten falls, to advance his overall record to 2-0.

RAISY would face off against Av3k in a First Place decider match for the European region. Av3k got the first map, with a 9-12 victory on Molten Falls. RAISY thundered back, grabbing an 8-5 win on Blood Covenant. However, the match would go to Av3k after a close Ruins of Sarnath, where RAISY fell on a 7-8 scoreline.

Week 4

Week 4 was a bye week for RAISY, and Vengeur was slated to kick off the day with a match against SPART1E.

While his match against SPART1E wasn’t as spectacular as RAISY’s, Vengeur did 3-0 the Swede, and got some great plays along with the win.

In Week 2, QPL announced that the map pool would be changed out for the first time. Blood Run and Vale of Pnath would leave the active rotation, and Tower of Koth and Deep Embrace would be swapped in. This is the first time either Myztro player would be playing on one of the new maps.

This premier of Deep Embrace went in Vengeur’s favor, 16-8. Ruins of Sarnath was also his 9-2, and he completed the sweep with a dominant 23-9 win on Molten Falls.

Week 5 Preview

This week, RAISY will face off against Cypher. Cypher currently has a 1-1 record, losing to Base 1-2 in Week 2, and winning against toxjq in Week 4 2-1. RAISY is coming off a loss to Av3k during Week 3, and has had a week to prepare, so this should be a fun match to witness!

The action begins at 9:00 PM CEST / 2 PM CST on

Our fan-favorite watch parties are back as well! Join us on our discord!

Quake Challengers

Our talented players have made quick work of the EU Challengers scene, with Serious winning Week 1, and GaRpY winning Week 2.

Both players will play in the upcoming Stage 1 EU Challengers Finals on November 21st, for a chance to get into the Quake Pro League!

We’ll see you in a few weeks for another QPL Update!