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Welcome to another edition of Myztro Weekly Updates!

Every week, we keep you updated with recaps of matches and news about Myztro Gaming and the games we compete in.

Let’s jump into it.

Editors Note: We’ve skipped a week (3/22-3/28) due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Now that staff is settled into their homes, articles and coverage will continue as normal!

Quake Champions

Quake Pro League

As yet another week of the Quake Pro League went on, a few changes were made to accommodate for the new normal. All production and casting was moved out of the FaceIt Studios and into the homes of talent.

This new normal didn’t impact RAISY’s dominance, though.

RAISY took on Av3k, and utterly destroyed the Polish Powerhouse, with a 3-0 map score. He took Blood Run 11-8, Vale of Pnath 20-6, and Awoken 19-5.

Vengeur rekindled his rivalry with k1llsen this week as well. K1llsen took Blood Run in a close game 4-5, whereas Vengeur took Awoken 11-8. K1llsen would get the last laugh, however, as k1llsen took Ruins of Sarnath 6-16.

Week 5 will have Vengeur face Cypher, and RAISY has a bye. Good Luck to Vengeur!


Fortnite Championship Series

This past weekend, Tj took on the FNCS with his Duomate Zrool. They made Semifinals and ended at 417th Overall with 37 Points.

Whai and Gen.G Player MoqiiZK were supposed to take part in this week’s action. However, due to a queue error, they were unable to participate in FNCS Week 2.

We can’t wait to see what they do in Week 3 and Beyond!


Last Week, Myztro Gaming welcomed some new members into the family.

Myztro Veteran Shy will return to Myztro Gaming, with newcomers Luke and Reeceyb. All three UK natives will take on the best in the Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale.

Make sure to follow our new (and returning) members on Twitter and Twitch!

Shy: Twitter Twitch
Reeceyb: Twitter Twitch
Luke: Twitter Twitch

That’s it for this week’s edition of Myztro Weekly Updates! Come back next week for the latest Myztro Gaming content!