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Things just got serious. Literally.

This past Sunday, Myztro Gaming signed Serbian Quake Player Nikola “serious” Gojic to the Quake Champions roster.

Serious has been playing Quake since 2009, where he started playing Quake Live. Since then, he transitioned into Quake Champions in 2017 and has stacked up tournament wins since. He won Weeks 1-4 of the Quake Challengers tournaments in Stage 1, and placed Fourth Overall in Challengers in that stage. He lost to our very own Vengeur in the OGA Quake PIT invitational: Season 2 Grand Finals, placing 2nd, and recently played with GaRpY to place 2nd in the Lobium Alpha QC 2v2 Invitational, to RAISY and Vengeur.

He will be focusing on qualifying for Season 2 of the Quake Pro League, which will kick off later this year in September.

We’re excited to welcome Serious into the Myztro family, and to add another spectacular Quake Pro to our roster!