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The last four weeks have been crazy.

Vengeur went on a losing streak, RAISY was on a winning streak, and in Week 8 when the boys had a combined bye, the top dogs in Europe lost, hard.

In this issue of the QPL Recap, we’re looking at the results from Weeks 5, 6, and 7, figuring what happened in Week 8 while the Myztro boys had a bye, and also putting the spotlight on Quake Challengers this Saturday, which will feature GaRpY and HELL.

Week 5: B100 Week

This week, we faced off against fellow QPL org B100, as both of their players faced Myztro players. RAISY went against cnz, while Vengeur played BaSe.

First Up: RAISY vs cnz. Maps were Molten Falls, Vale of Pnath, and Ruins of Sarnath. The first map started off good for RAISY, with a 2-0 lead, but cnz made it competitive, and completed the map in a 6-8 RAISY loss. Vale of Pnath, however, was all RAISY from start to finish, tying the series with a 15-7 victory (that’s what we in the industry like to call a Code 140!). Finally, Ruins of Sarnath, and not even the Eye of Cthalha could see a dub this big. RAISY closed out the match with a 7-4 win, winning the series 2-1.

Myztro 1, B100 0.

Next up, later in the day, Vengeur faced off against former teammate and rival BaSe. Map order was Blood Covenant, Blood Run, and Awoken. Vengeur showed up on Blood Covenant, but the game was close. Vengeur took it 5-4 after a 2 minute overtime bout. BaSe really didn’t like the treatment on Blood Covenant, and he shut out Vengeur 0-3 on Blood Run. Awoken was the last decider map, and it seems as if BaSe forgot to watch Vengeur’s educational video on the map. Vengeur ran away with the map win and the series, 12-3.

Myztro 2, B100 0, Final.

Catch the two matches in full here:

Week 6: Roller Coaster of Emotion

Week 6 had RAISY face off against Spart1e and Vengeur go against Cypher.

RAISY and Spart1e would play on Vale of Pnath, Blood Run, and Molten Falls.

RAISY needed some time to warm up, losing Vale of Pnath 8-12. However, he turned on his thrusters, and accelerated to an absolute nasty win over Spart1e in classic RAISY fashion, 26-5. RAISY closed out Molten Falls and the series with a 10-6 win as well.

Vengeur went against Cypher later on in the day, and this game was geared to be a close one. Vengeur fell on Awoken and Corrupted Keep, each with a 3-4 scoreline. Vengeur wasn’t about to be swept though, and dominated on Blood Covenant, winning the map 7-1.

Watch these two matches in full here:

Week 7: Pain.

Week 7 was probably the toughest week of Quake Pro League that we’ve witnessed so far. If you’re a die-hard Myztro fan, we suggest you look away for a moment.

Vengeur and Av3k went from the recording booth to the Arena, and RAISY went toe to toe with k1llsen.

First up, Vengeur and Av3k. Vengeur was taken aback immediately out of the gate, losing Corrupted Keep 4-8. A valiant effort was made on Ruins of Sarnath, but Vengeur couldn’t hold on, and lost the map and the series 8-12. It wasn’t all over yet though, because Vengeur avoided the sweep and edged out a win on Vale of Pnath 9-8, but dropping the series 1-2.

RAISY faced off against k1llsen next to close out the week for the EU, and it definitely was entertaining. Awoken was rough for RAISY, as k1llsen wiped the floor in a 2-15 RAISY loss. However, RAISY flipped the script, and gave k1llsen a taste of his own medicine, winning Vale of Pnath 14-1. In the end, it all came down to Blood Run, and it really wasn’t RAISY’s day. K1llsen won the map and the series with a 5-8 scoreline.

The boys went into the byeweek with losses, but enough time to recharge and refocus in time for the final two weeks of play before the Quake World Championship.

We get it if you don’t want to watch these matches, we don’t want to either. The links are below though, it’s all stellar Quake.

Additionally, Vengeur had an interview on the stream this week! Have a watch here:

Week 8: Movement in Europe

The boys had an off week, and as the saying goes, when the cats are away, the mice will play.

There was significant upsets in the EU division this past week, as many of the higher-ranked players lost. The biggest headlines to come out of this week was Av3k, seemingly coming out of nowhere and handing Cooller a 3-0 sweep. k1llsen also fell victim to a loss, as Cypher completed a revenge run on the man who beat him in the Stage 3 Grand Finals, beating the German 2-1. BaSe also defeated toxjq 3-0, and cnz got his first win of the stage in the Tank Game, beating Spart1e 2-1.

While this craziness went down, RAISY was busy streaming and practicing, and Vengeur took a trip to the beach! Check out RAISY’s June Highlights below, as well as this really nice pic of Vengeur gazing towards the sea. He was probably thinking about Quake strategies, or pineapple pizza.

Either way, the boys are recharged and ready to fight for the rest of the QPL Season!

Week 9: Myztro Madness, Part 5.

Looking into this upcoming week, the teammates will face one another. Myztro Madness will commence for the fifth time in Quake Pro League’s history.

RAISY has the upper hand, as he leads 3-1 total in the series. The only sweep occurred at the QPL Kickoff at QuakeCon 2019, and Vengeur’s only series win was during the Stage 3 Finals, where he defeated RAISY 2-1 in the Lower Bracket. Every single game has gone the distance, and this may be the final Myztro Madness matchup for the first season of the Quake Pro League.

Myztro Madness, with fans.

Wish you were watching this week’s matches in person? Maybe with some fans?

We’re still holding our weekly watch parties in our Discord Server! This week, we can’t lose! Join in the fun and watch some great Quake action with us!

EXTRA: Quake Challengers Stage 4 Finals

The final Challengers Finals will start tomorrow, Saturday, July 25th, and Myztro has a stake in the outcome: GaRpY and HELL will be playing! GaRpY plays Belgian challenger Ton1 in the first round, while HELL will play South Korean newcomer Xuz777.

Our very own Vengeur will be casting the matches along with zsx, so make sure to tune into his stream at 1 PM CEST at!

When the official schedule is released, this article will be updated to reflect the updated times, and, as always, all QPL matches take place at

See you next time, and happy fragging!