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In this ever-changing world, we have one constant. Quake. Our rock, our sword, our shield. Our old, reliable friend who’s always there for us.

June 22nd was Quake’s 24th Birthday, and we hope that Quake continues for as long as possible, and brings happiness, joy, and sweet, sweet frags for years to come.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into Week 2, 3 and 4 of the Quake Pro League!

Week 2

Week 2 was delayed to a mid-week showing due to the ongoing protests in America, so we got a Sunday off before the action continued on Wednesday.

The matches were played on Sunday, and were pre-recorded.

Week 2 was the scene of the highly-anticipated Top 5 matchups between RAISY and Cooller and Vengeur and k1llsen.

RAISY had a strong showing against Cooller, but lost to the Russian 1-2.

Vengeur continued his dominance from last week, shutting down two-time belt winner k1llsen 2-1.

Catch the vods of these stellar matches here:

Week 3

Week 3 had RAISY facing BaSe, and Vengeur with a bye.

RAISY picked Blood Run and Molten Falls, while BaSe chose Ruins of Sarnath. RAISY was allowed to play Clutch on Blood Run as well, which would be a huge mistake for BaSe, as RAISY took the first map 15-2, destroying the Russian’s Nyx.

Ruins of Sarnath had Galena banned, so RAISY chose Strogg. BaSe had to settle for Anarki. Ruins was a very close map, but RAISY pulled off the tying kill and the winning frag within the last two minutes, winning 6-5.

Molten Falls was next, and Visor was banned. BaSe went with Ranger and RAISY went with Doom Slayer. This map was harder for RAISY, as BaSe had the lead for most of the map, but RAISY tied the game within the last 30 seconds, and clutched out a kill with only two seconds left on the map, winning 9-8, and sweeping the series 3-0.

This was RAISY’s first win since falling out of the Stage 3 Finals in Loser’s Round 3 to the hands of Vengeur.

Watch the full match here:

Week 4

Coming into the fourth week of play, RAISY got to face Cypher, who has been red-hot recently. Cypher had won one of his last two matches (a 3-0 victory against Av3k, but an 0-3 defeat against BaSe), and he was the runner-up in the Stage 3 Finals.

Vengeur faced off against cnz, who had just been promoted into the QPL during the Stage 3 Finals.

First up, Vengeur versus cnz. cnz chose Molten Falls and Blood Covenant, and Vengeur chose Awoken.

On Molten Falls, Ranger was banned, so Vengeur played Nyx and cnz played Anarki. The map started with an early lead for Vengeur, but cnz caught up and tied the map at 5. After a seven minute overtime, Vengeur caught cnz off guard and with no stack, winning the map 6-5.

Awoken started off with a cnz 4-0 lead in the first 4 minutes at the hands of his Galena, but Vengeur thundered back and tied the map at 7 by the final minute on Peeker. He clutched out one more frag, and held cnz away to win Awoken 8-7.

Blood Covenant was a different story for Venguer entirely. He held the map and dominated cnz at every turn with his Slash play, and kept cnz’s Visor at bay, winning the map 6-2 and the series 3-0.

Watch the whole match in it’s 57-minute entirety here:

The last match of the night, RAISY vs Cypher, was next on the lineup.

Blood Run, Corrupted Keep, and Molten Falls were the playlist for the matchup.

Doom Slayer was banned for Blood Run, so Cypher played Ranger. For the second week in a row, RAISY played his famous (or depending on who you talk to, infamous) Clutch.

If you know RAISY, you know how this map went. While it wasn’t a stomp, and Cypher even got the lead at times, RAISY got the win 8-7 on Blood Run.

Going into Map 2, RAISY was heavily favored to win Corrupted Keep. RAISY got the Peeker and Cypher got Galena, while Sorlag was banned. RAISY couldn’t keep up with Cypher’s early lead, and he dropped Corrupted Keep 5-11.

Onto the Tiebreaker. Molten Falls was an interesting pick. The casters, Ketchup and Flee, noted on the speed difference, as Nyx was banned, Cypher picked up Keel and RAISY played Anarki. While speed was a major drawback to this matchup, Anarki is notoriously squishy, and if Cypher got a grenade and a shotgun blast off on RAISY, that would be a frag.

RAISY came out of the gate swinging, grabbing a 4-0 lead until the 3-minute mark. Try as he might, Cypher couldn’t keep up with the speedy skateboarder, and RAISY won the map 7-3, as well as the series 2-1.

Watch the full match here:

Looking Ahead: Week 5

It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through the final stage of Season 1.

This week, Myztro faces B100, as RAISY plays cnz, and Vengeur plays old teammate and rival BaSe.

RAISY and cnz will kick off the broadcast at 4 PM CEST/ 9 AM CST, and Vengeur/Base will follow up later on in the evening at 9 PM CEST/ 2 PM CST.

While cnz shows promise, and while upsets can happen, they are few and far between. RAISY can get a win off of cnz, knock on wood.

Venguer/BaSe is a more exciting match to watch. They’ve gone back and forth in recent history, and they are very close in the global rankings, with Venguer at 5th Overall and BaSe at 7th.

The matches look exciting for this week, so you don’t want to miss them!

Watch Party? Watch Party.

As always, we’ll be hosting our Weekly Quake Pro League Watch Party in the Myztro Gaming Discord server. Everyone is invited to attend! The parties will kick off just before the games start. So come on in and watch some Quake action live!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the Arena!