Xavier ‘Zoot’ Dhorne joins Myztro Gaming

POSTED BY Chris Jones July 24, 2017 in News
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If you didn’t catch the announcements on Twitter or over on the ZLive Twitch stream over the weekend, Zoot and Myztro Gaming have announced that they are now in partnership. Xavier ‘Zoot’ Dhorne has joined the Myztro organisation as a streamer, content creator and indeed player having recently qualified for the Quake World Championship Dual regional finals in Leicester.

A self-made and prominent figure in the Quake community, Zoot has built a channel of well-rounded content covering everything that the Quake eSport has to offer. High-level gameplay, commentaries, talk shows and in-depth interviews are staples on what is an entertaining channel.

“ZLive is a channel synonymous with Quake. As an eSport, Quake is the torch holder that carries an epic legacy. We strive to keep the torch lit by supporting the competitive scene.”

“We will continue to give our support to the up and coming Quake Champions and aim to help wherever possible with the beta and further development of the game.”

Majestic like a Unicorn

Xavier is one of the good guys in the Quake community, he genuinely loves the game, loves the eSport and will continue to champion the game going forward. All qualities we love and share here at Myztro Gaming.

Zoot on behalf of everyone involved here at Myztro Gaming welcome and we wish you ggs.