The Climb Continues: Quakecon 2019 Day 2 Recap and Day 3 Preview

POSTED BY Dylan Winn July 27, 2019 in NewsQuake Champions, QuakeCon,
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Hard to believe there’s already only 2 days left of Quakecon action, and we sure did see a lot of action today.

Here are the overall standings after Day 2.

Cooller, 11-2
Xron, 11-2
k1llsen, 11-2
rapha, 10-3
Vengeur, 10-3

RAISY, 10-3
nosfa, 9-4
base, 9-4
DaHanG, 8-5
toxjq, 8-5

Av3k, 7-6
psygib, 7-6
cha1n, 6-7
GaRpY, 4-9
Spart1e, 4-9

whaz, 4-9
dramiS, 1-12
Effortless, 0-13
sib, 0-13
br1ck, 0-13

Here are the results from today’s matches.

vs. Cha1n: Loss, 0-2
vs Br1ck: Win, 2-0
vs Dramis: Win, 2-1
vs Effortless: Win, 2-0
vs Rapha: Loss, 0-2
vs Cooller: Loss, 0-2

vs. Cooller: Win, 2-1
vs Av3k: Win, 2-1
vs K1llsen: Win, 2-1
vs Dahang: Loss, 1-2
vs Spart1e: Win, 2-0
vs Rapha: Loss, 0-2

vs. Cooller: Loss, 0-2
vs Av3k: Win, 2-1
vs K1llsen: Loss, 0-2
vs Spart1e: Win, 2-0
vs SIB: Win, 2-0
vs Dahang: Win, 2-1

Editor’s Thoughts

Quake is so unpredictable. Anything could happen, literally anything. Vengeur and RAISY slipped from First and Second to Fifth and Sixth in Day 2, with Cooller, Xron, k1llsen, and rapha passing them by with better records. A 4-2 Day is nothing to shrug about either, especially with Vengeur upsetting DaHanG 2-1 in the last match of the day. GaRpY didn’t do half bad either. He ended the day at .500, and clinched wins against Br1ck, Dramis, and Effortless.

Tomorrow, the boys face the greatest challenge they’ve ever faced: Themselves. The boys finally get to play each other for crucial last-day points and bragging rights.

Starting the day, Vengeur takes on RAISY, which is my match of the day. It’ll separate their closeness in the standings, and as they’re some of the best talent in the world, it won’t be an easy game for either player. May the best man win!

Here is tomorrow’s match schedule.

10 AM: vs Av3k
11 AM: vs K1llsen
1 PM: vs Dahang
2 PM: vs Spart1e
3 PM: vs Vengeur 
4 PM: vs RAISY

10 AM: vs Vengeur
11 AM: vs SIB
1 PM: vs Toxiq
2 PM: vs Psygib
3 PM: vs Base
4 PM: vs GaRpY

10 AM: vs RAISY
11 AM: vs Toxjq
1 PM: vs Psygib
2 PM: vs Base
3 PM: vs GaRpY
4 PM: vs Xron



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